Zoya Nasir cancels engagement to Christian Betzmann for aggressive remarks.

Hania Actor Joya Nasir canceled his engagement with V-logger Christian Bettsmann after a massive internet controversy following his remarks against Palestine and Pakistan. Presenting on social media, she hoped Betzmann would be a “happy future”.

The two got engaged earlier this year after Betzmann proposed to her in the Bahamas.

“Christian Betzmann and I have a heavy heart to announce that they are no longer engaged in marriage. His sudden change of attitude toward my culture, country, and people, and my insensitivity to my religion, led me to make this difficult and irreversible decision,” she wrote.

“There are certain religious and social boundaries that cannot cross any religious or social boundary. So it is a decision to separate each other. Humility, tolerance, and respect for each other are virtues we must always uphold. I look to Allah. Give me the power to cope with this worldly emotional shipwreck. I hope Chris has a bright and happy future,” said Nasir.

She said she needed space when she and her family “started to get through this emotional turmoil” and asked to allow privacy at this stage.

Betzmann’s opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian issue burned him on the Internet. As criticism poured in, he fell into some Pakistani and social media, and users were angry when he criticized Pakistan.

“Social media will never stand up to government and politics,” said Betzman, when Pakistanis protesting for Palestine.

“It won’t make any difference just by sharing what’s across the mainstream media,” he said.

Betzmann criticized those who raised their voices against Palestine. “Don’t feel guilty about others when you’re abandoning your country without helping your own people and communities.”

An influencer named Muznah called him in a detailed post on Instagram.