Zayn Malik serenades her daughter in Urdu and we want to know more.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are known privately for their life and daughter Khai. The internet still hasn’t seen her complete picture! However, Malik has given the world a few details about Khai in a recent interview.

In it, he revealed that he was singing to Kai in Urdu and English! Born in Bradford, the singer’s father is Pakistani and his mother is British. He also sang in Urdu in some of his songs. The song sung by Kai, born in September, has no special lyrics, but she growled him.

He didn’t disclose what he was singing, but in an interview on iHeartRadio, Valentine in the morning, Malik spoke about being a father.

“To be honest, it’s amazing,” he said. “A lot of the people I’ve spoken to are obviously’a big adjustment and a huge change’ before she was born.’ But to be honest, she’s an amazing baby. It was really easy for me and Gig to get used to it.”

At 28, he met his daughter Kai with model Gigi Hadid in September. Until now, Malik said it was changing and feeding diapers, but he enjoys every moment.

“I had time for my relationship and stuff too, but it was still about me,” Malik said. “In fact that [Khai] It was so easy to adapt. I am amazed by me because I love to spend the day with her, hang out with her, and have a really comfortable chill. ”

The pace of life is really different, he said, but it was easy to adapt.