Zara x Jo Loves collection launched in Canada

Malone, the founder of the perfume line Jo Loves, is synonymous with perfume (note: she is no longer associated with the brand under the name “Jo Malone”). The three-year partnership with Zara is available for the first time in Canada, and the inexpensive collection of candles and perfumes is the perfect gift, she says. Read her thoughts on perfume gifts and the best scent items in the Zara x Jo Loves collection.

Do you think presenting perfume is a good idea? Are there any rules for that?

Of course, I think perfume is a great gift, whether it is a personal fragrance, a scented candle, or an indoor spray. I don’t think there are necessarily rules. If you are gifting some perfume to someone, you need to do a little research. Find the three perfumes they like and you will be able to see the synergy between them. You may also like citrus or heavy florals, for example. Then buy it from that fragrance family. If you’re not sure, try something less personal. Try a nice shower gel, body cream, or scented candle.

Vetiver Pamphlet Mousse Candle ($29.90) and Perfume ($49.90)

What items would you like to present to a relative or teacher from the Zara collection?

If you’re going to give something to your mother-in-law Water lily tee dress, Clean citrus. If you’re a father-in-law, you’ll probably do something like this: Vetiver Pample Mousse, Not too complicated and not too cluttered. For teachers Tuberose Noir, This is a beautiful single note. Bohemian bluebell, It has been very artistically transformed.

Do you have a preference for where to place candles at home?

I always burn them on every floor, every room. We’ve double-layered these amazing things for Zara this year. It starts with vetiver and gives it very slight citrus and clean feel. And suddenly Ebony wood Push it. It feels like some kind of wood fire. It’s an amazing gift. I was actually picking up one this morning.

Amalfi Sunray products
Zara x Jo loves the Amalfi Sunray collection. From $11.90

What perfume notes do you think will grow in 2021?

I think a big part of 2021 will be for people to bring their lives back and nostalgia will accompany those memories. Much of the perfume you have burnt or used at home will be a powerful memory of your survival. We will see scents in very, very different forms and different languages ​​next year.

There is a specific smell I’ve been working on. There are two scents, in particular, I can’t name them because they’re still coming out, but I’ll always remember the days and moments I made. Our four walls have become our offices, schools, gyms, restaurants, cinemas. They became everything. The sense of smell now has many strong links with our memories.