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Write for us guest posts for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Jewelry & More about Fashion. Our website fashionmeg.com is now open for guest posting and editorials. We are a high-quality site with top domain names, first founded as a luxury diary in French and now a major international hub for fashion industry insight. We are interested in high-quality articles on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Jewelry & other related to fashion topics.

To become a regular contributor, you must be willing to contribute at least one high-quality article (500 words) and an original image. You should have your website-related fashion. We are interested in articles that are truly interesting, personal, and written in the English language only.

You can place up to 2 RELEVANT links. We also reject low-quality “filler” types of submissions. If your article doesn’t offer anything fresh or personal; Submissions will be rejected if written with basic information taken from Wikipedia only, or if it appears to have been created for commercial linking. We protect bloggers from being in the company of low-quality posts.

Why we are looking for guest posts, We need bloggers to provide great content for personal recognition or branding. Win-win situation. You help us produce quality content in return, the fashionmeg.com site promotes your own fashion blog or business, sends organic traffic, gets more exposure for your work, and your Links to your bio, including all your links that appear below will help. They also ensure that their articles are professional, SEO-friendly, and conform to high-quality design guidelines.

Fashion Category Guest Author – Style Contributor who writes about fashion trends, trend alerts, celebrity fashion theft, and fashion races.

Beauty Category Guest Author – A blog about beauty, hair, makeup, nail polish and beauty products. Covers DIY beauty, celebrity beauty tips and product reviews.

Fashion History Category Guest Author – writes about fashion design history for fashion blogs.

If you are interested in posting guest articles, we are happy to work with you and publish your creations for our readers. However, here are some guidelines for articles I will post on my blog.

post content
Posts must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Fashion Tips and Trends
  • today fashion
  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion history
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion type blog

Your postings may not be equivalent to advertising or sponsored postings for your products. Posts should be meant to add value to readers. Posts must indicate that you personally wrote this post and that you know what you are talking about.

Posts must be original and not previously published on the web or in print. Your personal experience with the topic is what makes your blog post interesting to readers. So it shouldn’t be textbook style. As with any other blog post posted on this website, you must indicate your personal participation in the topic..

You can provide up to two links by-line. One for your blog or website, one for your website’s Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin account (optional). Your link will be posted as a highlighted note in the body of the post to let readers know it’s your guest post.

Must be active on social media: All guest authors must be active on at least two social media sites. If you’re writing a guest post, we’re assuming you’re active on Google+ for authorship. Please send me the URL of your social media profile so I can identify you when approaching me for a guest post.

Gust Posts must have images. Include 1 image that matches your guest post and make sure the image size is less than 200KB. The image size must be at least 500px or more. If you’re sharing someone else’s image, add a credit note for that.

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