With Trump’s face on the pig, rock star Roger Waters has plans for Mark Zuckerberg at his next concert.

Legendary British musician Roger Waters is not apathetic when it comes to Mark Zuckerberg. He refuses to take the billionaire seriously, ridicules him for being “one of the most powerful fools in the world” and declines an offer to buy the rights to use Pink Floyd songs in an upcoming film.

Zuckerberg was about to buy the rides for ‘Another Brick in The Wall Part 2’ for a film promoting Instagram.

Waters was in New York City for an event defending Julian Assange’s freedom, and at a panel he decided to pull out a piece of paper and tell the story.

On the same day, he received a request from the Zuckerberg team: “I have requested the right to use my song ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 2’ in a film to promote Instagram.” He said he had offered “a huge and huge amount of money” with the request.

Waters’ answer? “F *** you!”

He read the document to a cheering audience. “Thank you for considering this project. The core sentiment of this song is still prevalent today and I think it is necessary. It speaks of a timeless work…”

He couldn’t believe this was serious. “But they want to continue censoring all of us in this room to make Facebook and Instagram bigger and more powerful than they already are, and use it to prevent this story about Julian Assange from being released to the general public. The general public said, ‘What?! What? No, not anymore.’

Waters often uses his concerts to make political statements and share his views on the world and current affairs. He put Donald Trump’s face on a giant floating pig and beat the former US president for lies, ignorance, racism and sexism. Revealing that Zuckerberg is his next target, he said: “Zuckerberg is on a new rock and roll show. I made him sit down. No, I shouldn’t tell you. “

He also ridiculed Zuckerberg for his professional career. Facebook was born as a platform to rate people by their looks in a Harvard dorm room that isn’t hidden from the public but doesn’t sound enough alarm bells. He goes on to explain how Zuckerberg started out by saying, “‘She’s pretty. We’d give her 4 out of 5. She’s ugly. We’ll give her 1.” I did. How did f get its strength? Here he is one of the most powerful fools in the world.”

Waters isn’t the kind of person who shrugs off forces that aren’t shy about confrontation. Perhaps these qualities make him a legendary composer and creative genius he possesses.