What do Ali Gul Pir and Kangana Ranaut have in common?

Due to the latest video of comedian Ali Gul Pir, who imitates Indian actor Kangana Ranaut, and her concerns about how the international press is reporting the terrible Covid-19 situation in India. gangster The actor himself, rolling on the floor and smiling.

Ranaut, no stranger to the controversial statement, has spoken via social media to fans and followers, and everyone who will go to “foreign dads to cry about India” to share his opinion on this matter. . “The time is up,” she said.

“Hello, there are a lot of very anxious things besides Corona. I want to discuss with you today,” she started with a video.

“Whenever there is a problem, the rest of the nations come together to pretend to be India and declare that those people will behave as if they have evolved from monkeys to humans and will tell us what we need to do.”

Time magazine India’s body photos are bestsellers. They act like monkeys with no idea what medical infrastructure is. Above CNN, They say Modi… is a ruined idea. ” queen An asterisk was added.

Using this rant as the perfect feed for the video, Gul Pir made everyone laugh, including Ranaut himself, by imitating her in his typical way.

“Apa Kangana reminds us of the dangers of news reporting compared to the epidemic. When the news stops, so is death!” He tweeted.

“At least you were funny and made me laugh,” the rapper added. “Well, we may not agree with a lot, but at least we can laugh together.”

Both agree that this time he is having fun, but not always. Previously, comedians trolled Ranaut on Twitter after musician Rihanna showed support for farmer protests in India. Tanu Wez Manu An actor who criticizes the Grammy winner and calls him a’porn singer’.

“A porn singer? Are you a singer who makes music only for porn movies? Would they reject songs for regular movies? Please explain more. I didn’t know if such a niche existed and I was curious. “Pir replied with an explanation of what she meant by Ranaut, who was ignorant of the satire of his tone, and rely on her” controversy and people stay on the news. “