Vas J Morgan hits’Unacceptable’ Piers Morgan after being accused of shameful Kardashians

After Pierce Morgan was accused of bodily shame by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Bath J Morgan went on defense and counterattacked his remarks.

The reality star, who revealed his desire to have a child, posted an ardent post on Instagram about the Good Morning Britain star’s tweet.

Vas, 32 years old, wrote: “Piers Morgan (55 years old, father and husband). 48 hours ago on state TV, someone intervened and declared that trolling had to end.

“‘Nothing happens to these idiots who abuse celebrities,’ he said.

Vas J Morgan hit by Piers Morgan on Instagram.
Vas J Morgan was a hit on Instagram’s Piers Morgan.

The pier has been accused of shaming the Kardashians
The pier has been accused of shaming the Kardashians

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“Today, Piers Morgan abuses Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner using the same platform.

“If I were Kim and Kylie, I would stop taking pictures with Kendall.” It is these remarks that make women feel’less than’ in light of their appearance.

“It encourages little girls to compare each other.

“Don’t tell a man, a woman how to dress, how to behave, who should be next to you in the photo.

Vas shared a long post on Instagram about Piers' comment.
Vas shared a long post about Piers’ comment on Instagram.

The former TOWIE star concluded, “Make sure to keep your opinions on the body of men and women. Men, stop.”

“Yes, Pierce, I agree. Someone needs to get involved. This is unacceptable. #BeKind.”

Vas’ celebrity friend rushed to the comments section to agree with his point and criticize Piers’ comment.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan said, “It’s just as embarrassing as I don’t understand how he can be so publicly hypocritical.”

Katie Price said: “I’m trying to do something. #harveyslaw and wait for me to see the new petition starting.”

Piers said Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner should not be filmed with Kendall.
Piers said Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner should not be filmed with Kendall.

Chloe Sims said “Well, I don’t know?” and Saffron Barker said “Yes, yes, yes.”

Pierce, 55, who was victimized by Lauren Goodger, responded to a backlash received on his Twitter account.

He wrote: “My Kardashian’s tweets caused the fake feminist’s mouth to be dirty, fat, and shameful anger.

“Obviously it’s illegal to think you’re sexier than anyone else (Kendall), but here’s a picture of me taking my clothes off to balance out. Objectify my lady and you can take it…” himself.