Ushna Shah wants to ban white bloggers in Pakistan because Rosie Gabrielle pointed out our garbage problem.

Canadian travel video blogger Rosie Gabrielle has been on a motorcycle mission around the world and is currently based in Hunza. After some locals contacted her with concerns about tourists dumping garbage, she used the platform to raise concerns. Unfortunately, actress Ushna Shah didn’t like Gabrielle’s words and insisted that white people had no right to comment on Pakistan.

Gabriel’s post included a photo of her holding a bag full of garbage, pointing out the qualifications of tourists visiting tourist areas and leaving traces of garbage. People are having trouble gatekeeping the entire area, especially when they are not people in that area. bala The actor believed that a better option would be to ban her from visiting together.

“You know what we don’t appreciate? Judgmental, humble, ‘white savior’ aspirants,” she posted, adding that the Pakistani government should stop distributing “YouTube visas.”

The concept of the white savior complex is actually problematic, but Gabrielle claims to be speaking on behalf of the locals who contacted her. She talked about the rubbish dumped in the area and the rave reviews held there. Culture versus freedom frenzy and debate aside, the garbage problem is real.

Instead of feeling attacked, Shah could devote the same energy to acknowledging the real problem. It is the fact that in our country there are few or no waste disposal systems, and the fact that people are not interested in waste disposal. This is a serious issue that needs to be discussed.

People should know that littering is bad and should be shy rather than defensive. Perhaps Gabriel is not the best person to highlight this issue. It would have been nice if it came from the locals instead, but the problem still remains. One way to avoid something like this in the future is to keep our country clean so that bloggers, white or not, get a chance to point out.