Unconfirmed Marriage Act Continues As Imran Abbas’ Another Coaster ‘Marriage’

Last week we broke the tabloid-making news of Imran Abbas and Wushu Na Shah’s marriage, but little knew either we or Abbas would start with the ‘happy’ news he did again this week. Married, this time already married Udaari Star Urwa Hocane.

The news came on Friday and continued to repeat until Sunday after Abbas commented on the situation.

Where do the rumors come from? Posts posted on social media channels by Hocane and Abbas. The two stars are currently filming for a new drama. ARY, Amanat, directed by Shahid Shafaat and written by novelist Rukhsana Nigar.

In a social media post, the two can be seen singing together on the stairs. Take a break after shooting the day. Sweet.

Read Hocane’s caption and say, “Let’s entertain ourselves once again in our late-night shoot.”

“Wait a little longer to see this off-screen chemistry turn into a longing on-screen love story…. Amanat,” Abbas wrote, annoying fans waiting for the drama.

This was enough to start a rumor mill. Half of the work is already done, as Hocane and Abbas wore a gorgeous wedding outfit with jewelry and makeup together. Even the inexperienced photo shopper wasn’t needed this time around.

When the news went round on social media, Abbas saw it and decided it had to be addressed again. How many times will a man be asked about fake marriage rumors?

“After Alizeh Shah, Saboor and Ushna, now Urwa. We have a fourth marriage since January 2021,” he joked in a Facebook post. “From bloggers en koi aur kaam nahi hai kya? (Yaa ye samajhtay hain ke mujhe koi aur kaam nahi hai)? [Do these bloggers have nothing else to do? Or do they think I have nothing else to do?]. “

Abbas punished fans by boycotting YouTube channels and social media pages that spread these rumors to fans, urging them to “taste their drugs” and creating rumors that spread such lies and bring shame to those they designate. I did.

“Can you take action against this blogger/click-biter? Associating a woman’s name with a co-actor/friend and vice versa. It’s a real shame.”

Actor Syed Jibran and screenwriter Saji Gul also had fun. Gibran reminded Abbas why he had reached the limit of being four wives. Gul declared himself Abbas. halal la Manager.

We haven’t heard from Hocane since these rumors came out, but it’s understandable because she’s already made her point on those issues.

Kuch bhi ho jaye [Whatever happens, nothing really happens],” she said. Urwa Hocane 2k21. I hope avid fans don’t believe everything they read, especially when reading or viewing from dubious sources.

Abbas released his drama Amanat Fans went crazy with Hocane on social media late last year.

Hocane also teased fans with the announcement.

Who will Abbas marry next?