Twinkle Khanna laid out 100 oxygen concentrators as the battle against Covid-19 in India intensified.

With India’s Covid situation severe, hospitals scarce and oxygen scarce, the most recent celebrity who can help in crisis situations is Twinkle Khanna. He is Twinkle Khanna, who has prepared 100 oxygen concentrators through the UK. .

As Mrs Funny Bones published the news on social media, he asked for clues about trusted organizations and registered NGOs who could help distribute oxygen concentrators to those in need.

“Give me a clue from a proven, reliable and registered NGO that will help deploy 100 oxygen concentrators,” she asked on Twitter. “(Up to 4L/min of oxygen supply) will be sent directly from the UK.”

She apologized to the public that she was’a bit punctured’ for her family’s poor health, but now she wanted to actively participate in providing assistance. Encouraging others to do the same, she said it would be a proud moment to look back after the epidemic was over.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote, “I’ve been ill with my family over the past few weeks, so I’ve been trapped in a little hole, but I couldn’t stay long.” “I beg you to do everything you can do in your own way so that we can look back on this gloomy moment and say that it was at least the worst, but brought the best for all of us.”

“Great news—Through the Daivik Foundation, Dr. Drashnika Patel and Dr. Govind Bankani of London Elite Health donated 120 oxygen concentrators and Akshay Kumar and I were able to get 100 as well, a total of 220. Thank you. All our work. Let’s do it,” she wrote.

Previously, her husband Kumar donated Rs 10 million to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation.

“It’s a really tough time now, Gautam Gambhir. I’m happy to be able to help. I hope we can all get out of this crisis soon. Stay safe.”

However, they are not the only famous names that perform their role. Star Ayushman Kurana and his wife Tahira stepped out and donated to the Covid relief fund.

“” We’ve been in the eyes of a storm since last year. This epidemic broke our hearts, endured pains and sufferings that were completely different than before, and showed how solidarity with each other can handle this humanitarian crisis. Even today, this epidemic asks us to show courage, resilience and mutual support,” wrote Khurana with a heavy heart.

He thanked all individuals who’inspired us to do more’ and announced that he had donated to the Maharashtra Supreme Minister’s Relief Fund.

“Now is the time for us to come together as a community and take care of each other. People need as much help as possible and we can all do whatever we deem fit. “He said.

previously I Bonhoon Star Sushmita Sen also deployed oxygen cylinders to ask for help in transporting them from Mumbai to Delhi to areas in need of urgent assistance.