TOWIE’s James Lock hits’hate-causing’ Priti Patel on influencers traveling to Dubai

James Lock condemned Interior Minister Priti Patel and accused him of “inciting hatred” of influencers who had left for Dubai.

The only way was Essex star James, 34, left for Dubai with her girlfriend Yazmin O’Kelow at the time when they broke up in December earlier this week.

James and Yaz (age 26) claimed that Yaz visited the influencer hotspot to start a business venture, and that James visited the UAE for business purposes, saying that he supported her and worked abroad.

Interior Minister Pretty, 48, has criticized influential people for “showing off in the sun” in a nationwide blockade from the recent Corona 19 epidemic.

TOWIE star James Rock accuses'hate-causing' Pretty Patel of influencers traveling to Dubai
TOWIE star James Rock accuses’hate-causing’ Pretty Patel of influencers traveling to Dubai

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Priti criticized influencers and said that going on vacation is not a “waiver” for travel. “People shouldn’t simply travel.

“I see a lot of influencers showing off where they are, mostly sunny.”

Now James has countered Priti and said that he and other influential people have been flooded with abuse since her remarks.

He told The Sun Online: “We have been bombarded with evil abuse.

TOWIE Star James Jets into Dubai in December
TOWIE Star James jets into Dubai in December

Priti Patel "Flaunting in the sun"
Priti Patel struck influencers with “show off in the sun.”

“We were threatened with murder. People said’I want you to get Covid and die’, and they said’I want your family to get Covid and die’.

“Hate has increased 100% since Pretty Patel spoke in the House of Representatives.

“I think it’s disgusting that she tried to make Influencers a scapegoat. It is embarrassing that the government is trying to convey the blame.

“She basically aroused hatred. Since then, we have been bombed with hatred and threats of murder. Increased 10 times. I’m crazy.”

James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou are staying in Dubai despite parting.
James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou are staying in Dubai despite the breakup.

Despite breaking up with Yaz, he said defending her and coping with hatred was more difficult than himself.

He explained: “I have pretty thick skin and I didn’t let it touch me, but I’m sorry for Yaz.

“Women seem to be much worse than men. Yaz has been abused too much. It was really messy and personal.”

Lockie and Yaz decided to permanently end their on-off relationship. Confirm! Early this week.

After the breakup, the two decided to stay in Dubai to continue pursuing business opportunities.

Sources spoke exclusively Confirm! online“James and Yaz broke up, but now they are only staying in the same hotel in different suites.

“They are friendly to each other and both will be in Dubai a bit more.

“Yaz has a good reason to stay because she has worked there. James will be there for a while before returning to England.

“He has some businesses he can run there, so he doesn’t have to rush back.”