Tiger Shrov and Disha Patani violate India’s lockdown rules

Mumbai, India, has been closed due to a surge in coronavirus cases and the public has been restricted from traveling. This rule applies to everyone, even celebrities, as actors Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani learned the hard way.

On Tuesday evening, the two were stopped by police at the Bandra Bandstand.

“Proceeding ‘War‘About the virus’Malang‘It costs a lot of money for two actors who are booked under section 188, 34 IPC by Bandra PStn on Bandra Street. We say unnecessary ‘to all Mumbai Karshero panti‘Safety can be compromised on #COVID19,’ police tweeted.

According to Indian Express, the police registered the case under section 188 of the Indian Criminal Code against Tiger, Patani and drivers (disobedience of official orders).

“They are celebrities,” a police official said. “We did this to set an example for others to refrain from traveling outside during curfew and to comply with lockdown norms.”

but soon Bhaagi The actor’s mother, Ayesha Shroff, denied the allegations and said the FIR was not registered.

According to time in india, she wrote: “They were heading home and the police were checking Aadhaar cards along the way. No one cares about “roaming” at times like this. Before you say anything like that, get the facts straight. Thank you!”

She also called back users who questioned why Tiger came out in the first place. “For reference, it’s allowed to get the necessities,” she said. “Why doesn’t he write about the free meals he gives to frontline workers instead of disappointing people! He doesn’t talk about it himself So don’t judge until you know. Thank you.”

Currently, it is very important for celebrities to act sensitively and responsibly. They are in a position to influence millions of people, and while they don’t owe anyone, it will be a great time to use their celebrity status forever. Stay home and stay safe everyone!