Tanhaiyaan Star Marina Khan Tests Positive for Covid-19

Actor and director Marina Khan has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. that much Tan Haiyan The star announced through her social media.

In a video she posted on Instagram, the actor said, “It’s real, it’s out there.”

Khan spoke freely and heartily about her diagnosis and Covid in her room where she was quarantining. The actor laughed and laughed, signaling that she wasn’t too bad. For her symptoms, she said she was feeling tired.

The actor has mentioned that Eid will come and we have to be careful. She urged people to adhere to the SOP and take care of herself and her loved ones. It will disappear soon. It’s just a matter of a year. We have to go through her lesson full.

She also said it had devastated the country by documenting the situation in India. She said that we should learn lessons from our neighbors, understand that our negligence can lead to similar consequences, and that we should be serious about the disease and be careful.

Khan is one of Pakistan’s ace actors, the biggest name in the industry in the 80s. She has appeared in some of the most popular dramas of the time: Dhoop Kinare, Nijat and Tanha, A drama that put her at the peak of fame in Pakistan and made her a pseudonym. She last in 2012 on a small screen Tan Haiyan Nay Sile, A sequel to her past show, Tan Haiyan.