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Street Style is a popular photographic genre that captures the fashion styles of people on the street. It’s a great way to get a sense for what people are wearing in real-life situations, and it can be fun to see how fashion trends evolve over time. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best street style mens fashion photos from recent months, and see how men’s fashion has evolved over time.

Street Style: What to Wear

What to wear when hitting the streets this week? For men, there’s no need to overthink it – just go with some classic pieces that will look good on anyone. Here are some of our favorite picks for this week:

1. A well-fitted suit. Nothing says luxury like a well-fitted suit. This goes for any time of year, but especially during the colder months when layers are key. Just be sure not to go too overboard with the details – a simple white dress shirt and navy blue tie will do the trick.

2. A versatile sweater. Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm on a cold day or something to wear over a shirt during the summer, a versatile sweater is a must-have in your wardrobe. Our favorites include cardigans and cashmere sweaters, both of which can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

3. A timeless piece of jewelry. No matter what style you prefer, accessories always make a statement – and that includes jewelry! Our top picks this week include watches, rings, and bracelets (especially those with unique designs). Add some personality to your look without going too overboard by choosing items that fit your own style perfectly.

The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends

Street Style Mens Fashion At Its Best

Who says men can’t wear stylish clothes? In fact, there are so many amazing trends happening in the world of men’s fashion right now that it’s hard to keep up! From edgy cuts and versatile prints to clean lines and classic fits, these ten styles will have you looking sharp no matter what your style is. So, whether you’re hitting the office or hitting the town, here are ten must-try men’s fashion trends for 2019.

1. edgy cuts

If you’re looking for an edgy look that will turn heads, there’s no better option than classic cuts tailored to fit your body type. From high-end brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Zegna to more affordable options like J.Crew and Uniqlo, there’s a style for everyone here.

2. versatile prints

From modern polka dots to classic chinos, there’s a print for every man out there. Plus, the versatility of prints means they can be paired with any outfit – from a crisp white dress shirt to a relaxed tee.

3. clean lines

No matter what your style is, it’s important to keep things simple and sleek. That’s why we love minimalist styles like sweatpants and joggers paired with crisp white shirts and a bold watch.

4. classic fits

For a more timeless look, go for classic fits like slim khakis or corduroy trousers paired with a button-up shirt and Oxfords. Not only will this look wear well over time, but it’ll also fit in well with any outfit you have in your closet!

5. mixed media prints

If you’re looking for a more playful look, try out prints with mixed media elements. From bright and cheerful floral prints to earthy tones, these prints will add some fun and color to your wardrobe.

6. athletic silhouettes

For a more modern take on masculinity, go for athletic silhouettes that show off your muscle definition. From T-shirts and sweatpants to fitted button-downs and chinos, these clothes will give you a really cool edge.

7. textures

For an extra layer of texture, try out textured fabrics like wool or cashmere. Not only will this add warmth and comfort to your wardrobe, but it’ll also stand out from the crowd!

8. natural colors

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, go for natural colors like browns and greens. Not only are these colors earth-friendly, but they also look great with any outfit!

9. distressed details

For an extra bit of character, try out distressed details like ripped jeans or faded shirts. Not only will this give your clothing a unique look, but it’ll also add some personality to your style!

10. accessories 

No style is complete without the perfect accessories. From sunglasses to belts, there’s a whole range of accessories out there that will help you stand out from the crowd. So, whether you’re looking for a new men’s fashion trend or just some inspiration, these ten styles are sure to help!

How to Look Good in Street Style

If you’re looking to make a splash on the streets of your city, dressing like a man is essential. And if you want to look good doing it, follow these tips from street stylists.

Start with an outfit that’s versatile and comfortable. Nothing looks better than putting together an outfit that can be dressed up or down—a great starting point for street styling is wearing something comfortable and stylish that you can mix and match any time you feel like it.

Next, focus on making sure your accessories are on point. A good pair of shoes or sunglasses can really change the entire look of your outfit, so don’t forget to bring them along! And finally, keep your hair styled and groomed—nothing says “I belong on the streets” more than a well-groomed guy.

So go out there and start strutting your stuff in style!


When it comes to street style mens fashion, men’s fashion always manages to look on point. Whether it’s the pensive looks of a monochrome outfit or the dynamic range of color that is on display in downtown scenes, there is something for everyone when it comes to street style mens fashion. From tailored Acne Studios pieces to luxury Gucci loafers, we’ve got you covered with some of the best outfits that have caught our eye this week. Be sure to check them out and get inspired!

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