Stephen Bear’Girlfriend Tia Mac Alicester’ repelled by fake twins pregnancy prank

It was reported that Stephen Bear was abandoned by his girlfriend Tia Mac Alicester after confessing that the news that he would become a dad was actually a joke.

31-year-old Tia, 18, is said to have been criticized after joking about expecting twins together by sharing an ultrasound picture of her two fetuses seen on her Twitter.

One source told The Sun Online that “they weren’t official and were a bountiful friend, but they had a big debate last week and now Tia has nothing to do with him.”

“She said it was because she undermined her reputation and dragged her name into the mud of the Influencer world.

Stephen Bear slipped on to Scotty as well as Jessika Parker's DM.
Stephen Bear’s alleged girlfriend Tia McAllister is known to have broken up with him.

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“No one wants to work with her because she is connected with him, loses followers and works from everything. She is absolutely enthusiastic about his recent pregnancy stunts and has blocked his number.”

Confirm! online Stephen’s representative was contacted for further comments.

When Stephen, who recently arrived at the police station with a ragdoll pig on a leash, shared an image with his Twitter followers on Monday, February 8th, one said “I literally got the same picture. Off Google, Why Lie”.

Stephen was seen hugging Yazmin before enjoying dinner together on a Friday evening.
According to sources, Tia “has nothing to do with him.”

Another addition: “When you think you can’t go desperately for attention anymore!”

One-third wrote: “It’s really disgusting! Use of scanned photos on Google. For those who eagerly want to be a mother, for you this is kind of a joke.”

Stephen, who was released on bail after a recent arrest at Heathrow Airport, later confessed that the image was pulled from search engines and posted it “to brighten everyone’s day.”

Bear shared an explanation in a video posted on his YouTube page, saying: “Happy Monday folks, or should I mix it up on Monday?

“I thought I would just laugh and tweet a little. I posted this photo on Google like a twin photo, would you like to see it? I’ll show you,” he added, scrolling the phone.

“I thought I could reveal everyone’s mood today.”

Bear posted a scanned image “to brighten up everyone’s day”.

Then he read his post, showed the scanned image on the camera, and added: “It seems like we can’t joke anymore in this society. I don’t know if it’s Twitter, but everyone looks a lot more fun on YouTube.

“I am on Twitter. Everyone was so angry and so miserable that they tweeted pretending to have twins. I want twins. I wonder what the public would think if I had a baby.”