Stephanie Davis gets spotlighted out of her addiction and says she is the’comeback queen’.

Stephanie Davis branded herself “The Comeback Queen” after announcing that she would return to the spotlight after spending a year organizing her personal life.

The 27-year-old, who recently threw shades on Jeremy McConnell’s acknowledgment of not going “close” with her ex-boyfriend, told her Instagram feed about everything she could have overcome, from alcoholism to mentality. Talked about her 1 million followers. Health struggle.

Actress Hollyoaks, best known for playing Sinead O’Connor in a popular drama, started out by appreciating the support of all fans, friends and family.

Stephanie Davis revealed that she was back in the spotlight.
Stephanie Davis revealed that she was back in the spotlight.

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She wrote: “Hello. First, thank you for your continued support to all my followers and advocates! [sic]

“Thank you for supporting me and respecting my decisions when I want to get out of the industry and public for a year. I also want to express my great gratitude to my family. My best friends.” [sic]

The actress, the mom of three-year-old son Caben, along with former Jeremy, has detailed all the highs and lows that have stood out in the public over the past decade.

Stephanie is the mom of 3-year-old Caben.
Stephanie is the mom of 3-year-old Caben.

“I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years, and all my life trying to figure out the crazy thing called LIFE, and trying to do that behind a character I’ve been playing for years in front of a camera lens…” [sic] She said.

“You’ve seen me grow up on TV, go through tough times, learn my biggest lessons, find out who I really am, become a mother, grow up as a parent and person.”

Stephanie, who recently initiated suicide attempts, claiming that she is “a really good place now,” continues: “You’ve seen my mental health and addiction suffer, but come to the other side and achieve my goal. Winning Best Actress.

In the candid video, Stephanie talked about lowering her hairline by being bullied at school.
Stephanie beat alcoholism.

“They don’t call me the returning queen,” the crown emoji follows.

She continued: “After more than 10 years of madness, I needed a year for my son and myself. I am so grateful to have that time. It was amazing to date myself and have a good time for a year. With my son and loved ones.”

Stephanie closed the statement by announcing her return and detailing all the exciting new projects scheduled for 2021. “The good thing… it’s back now (and this time forever!). [sic]

Stephanie said she was working on albums, books, clothing lines and more.

“For the past year I’ve been working hard on music, writing albums, putting on my clothes this summer, and sorting out some exciting TV pieces at the end of the year! There is not. ” [sic]

“Thank you for the time I need. I can’t wait to share my life with you again and follow the journey of new self-discovery. All love, Stephanie X,” she added.