Singer Paloma Pace gave birth to a baby girl with her partner Rayman after a planned cesarean section.

Singer Paloma Faith gave birth to a baby girl with her partner Leyman Lahcine.

The 39-year-old Only Love Can Hurt Like, the singer released exciting news on Instagram to 594,000 followers.

She shared a sweet black-and-white image of a newborn’s feet and a second image of lying in the hospital after giving birth.

Paloma Pace has her second daughter

“Well, I am no longer pregnant! I had the c section planned yesterday. I suffered a lot and didn’t sleep last night, but it’s worth seeing and meeting the new little angel in front of me.

“About 30 hours have passed, and I’m already tired and I’m sick. The nipples are burning every few hours with baby piranhas who want to kill me, but of course I’m glad!

“This baby can’t be loved or want more if you try it (yes, there are two girls).

The star released the news by sharing two photos on Instagram.

“I am constantly worried about bottle versus milk. I guess it was so hard the last time I was breastfeeding exclusively! I don’t know if I wanted to get over it this time, but….. I’m still trying. And my nipples are burning. I lost a liter of blood and it is so painful despite the painkillers. pleasure!”

Paloma’s newborn baby girl is Star’s second child, and Star already has a lovely daughter.

Star announced her pregnancy in September after receiving six IVF treatments.

Paloma Faith shares a daughter with Leyman Lahcine.
Paloma shares a daughter with Leyman Lahcine.

Paloma Faith revealed that she does not raise children gender neutral.
Paloma announced her pregnancy in September after receiving six IVF treatments

Fans and friends quickly celebrated the birth of Paloma’s baby, who wrote “Congratulations to Wonder Woman” by Laura Whitmore.

Giovanna Fletcher said “Paloma !!!! Congratulations to your wonderful mom! Take care of my lovely those nipnips! Break break break !! Xxxxxx”

And MAFS Australia star Heidi Latcham added a yellow love heart.

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