Simon Cowell shows the extent of weight loss on winter walks after an accident. ‘Move everything to re-evaluate’-monopoly

Simon Cowell took pictures showing weight loss during a chilly walk in London.

The 61-year-old, who recently admitted by Paddy McGuinness that he “never changed the diaper,” fought warmly for a winter walk with his girlfriend on Thursday, February 11th.

Judge Got Talent of England wore a black padded coat with a gray scarf around his neck, along with jeans and black boots.

The star, who had no chance amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, wore a black mask on his face. He completed the ensemble with simple black gloves, kept warm in the fresh air and wore dark sunglasses.

Simon Cowell Out
Simon Cowell showed weight loss during a winter walk on Thursday

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This outfit has clearly demonstrated a weight loss of 60 pounds in recent years and was partially achieved by giving up meat and dairy products in 2019.

But he recently took a break from a strict vegan diet to gain weight after a terrible electric bike accident in Malibu broke his back in three places.

Simon, who exposed a large scar on his back due to a recent ordeal, needed 6 hours of emergency surgery and a rod was inserted in his back.

Simon Cowell Out
Sources said the electric bike accident made Simon “reevaluate everything.”

But with a terrible event, Simon rethinks his lifestyle and realizes that he wants to live a long life for his partner Lauren Silverman (43) and his 6-year-old son Eric.

Sources spoke exclusively Confirm! online“The accident changed his way of life. It made him think he wanted to live longer for Eric. It made him re-evaluate everything.”

They added: “He really appreciates his life with Eric and Lauren.”

Simon Cowell Out
Simon wants “long life” for her partner and son.

Take a look at the iconic stars who first appeared on TV, from Holly Wheelerby to Simon Cowell.

That’s because a recent TV presenter recorded the first video after a terrible accident that almost paralyzed him.

The judges of the X Factor promised that no prize money could be bought for those who donated to a charity “close to heart”.

Animal lovers looked comfortable and healthy while sitting on the outdoor sofa at home and making their appeal. He wore a signature gray t-shirt along with jeans when speaking into the camera.

Simon Cowell recorded his first video clip after he was almost paralyzed after a terrible accident in August.
Simon recorded the first video clip after a terrible accident.

In the appeal he said, “Hello, this is Simon Cowell.

“I am asking to help you tonight to help with a really important charity close to my heart, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. My good friend Leona Lewis introduced me to me.

“If you donate tonight, everything you donate will really make a difference, and you will have the opportunity to come out with your friends in the BGT Finals and meet the rest of the judges.” Then, I encouraged fans to download and donate the Wishio app.