Sheheryar Munawar apologized for attending Fahad Mirza’s qawwali night.

Sheheryar Munawar recently touched on social activities and commented on social media about ongoing episodes involving state students, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, and upcoming exams. When he urged the government to cancel the exams for the safety of students taking into account the dangers posed by Covid, the Internet turned on him and asked about the qawwali he had been attending a while ago, and forcibly apologized for him.

that much Ho Man Jahan Star tweeted encouraging the government to “don’t jeopardize the health and safety of students,” and urged an alternative to the test. This tweet came out as a celebrity after celebrity influenced this issue.

However, there are long memories on the Internet. The memory of raising collective eyebrows in Mun and Le’s statement and scrutinizing him.

The very day before the actors couple Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza held a qawwali night at their home in Karachi. Several celebrities attended photos posted by others. And in the picture, the Internet was one of Munawar and Gilani.

The smell of hypocrisy was too loud for this user. He asked if Pakistan made Covid free the day before.

Although the tweet drew little attention, Munawar understood it was a serious accusation. The one that made him bad. Therefore, he felt the need to explain himself.

“I went to congratulate my neighbor’s birthday last week on an invitation I received two weeks ago,” he said. He just wanted Mirza and said that in 5 minutes he left in distress to a large crowd. The moment he describes as a candid moment, he’s a picture of him taking off his mask and finding his way to social media for a picture with Gilani.

As Mun and Le rightly pointed out, his behavior was really a problem. He admitted and accepted his mistakes.

“Yes, that’s why I’m called [taking mask off for a picture] Doesn’t follow SOP. There is no justification for my actions and I have corrected. “

He apologized for his ignorance, misjudgment, and lack of a better sense, praising his social media “family” for restraining his moral compass.

The actor and model urged Pakistan to follow the guidelines and SOPs provided by the government.

It’s a tricky world for those who catch the public eye. Talking on the Internet feels like a minesweeper. We’re happy that Munawar admits and apologizes for his mistakes, but we want our celebrities to stay home instead of attending a party. It’s not time to party, it’s time to save lives.