Shahbaz Shigri posts heartfelt note on Aima Baig’s birthday

Singer Aima Baig is known for his melodic soundtrack and eye-catching beats and has become one of the most popular female singers in Pakistani entertainment today. But it is Shabazz Sigri who loves her more than we do.

Take it to Instagram Parey Hut Love With a sweet birthday note, the star said how grateful she was for having her in her life.

“There are so many emotional things to unpack, I’m going to try not to turn this into a college thesis, but here it is. Cue cheeeeeeese,” he started with her wishes on her 26th.

“My partner, friend, muse, and my heart are the happiest birthdays. There is no greater happiness in this world than to make you happy and see you laugh and laugh. I know I’ve said this a thousand times. But Let me say again for a good measure. We’ve gotten into each other’s lives, so maybe we’ll add them very randomly. Every day was the best day.”

Then he made a toast to “A shamelessly aloof declaration of love and adoration to come!” and made us know that it wasn’t the only time we could see a happy couple celebrating each other.

Despite Soft Shigri, whose singer isn’t too big on her birthday, let us know how important her presence is to him.

“I know you aren’t too big for your birthday, especially your birthday, but I love you and I have no idea how important the day you were born is. Otherwise I’ll be single and bored sitting at home. The idiot is his partner. “It’s making fun of writing a wacky, adorable birthday message for you,” he jokingly added.

“So thank you for being born. I love you so much.”