Shafqat Mahmood blocked Jibran Nasir on Twitter where he talked about canceling the exam.

On the other side of the test cancellation debate, activist Gibran Nasir and Federal Education Minister Sharp Kat Mahmoud waged a social media war against each other as a result of Mahmoud blocking Nasir on Twitter.

Mahmoud, who seemed to have called him by Nasir, decided it was time to stop him. However, the news did not go well with activists who announced that the minister had decided to block him because of the legitimate concerns he was raising, despite not making any personal remarks.

“Shafqat Mahmood seems to want to live in his own bubble that is always right and that no one wants to break the truth about his achievements. I didn’t abusive or make personal comments, and he blocked me to raise student concerns I asked for my resignation.”


Amid soaring coronavirus cases and deaths, Mahmood announced on April 27 that the O and A level tests were postponed until October-November. The only exception is that A2 students are obligated to take the test. [the] Test now”.

However, when the test took place on Monday, several videos appeared on social media showing a large number of parents gathering outside the test center, a large number of students gathering inside the test center, and concluded that they rarely followed SOP and that student life was at risk. I took it down. .

As a petition was filed with the government to approve the test in person, it was revealed that Pakistani students, unlike other worlds, had already waited for Pakistan to postpone the test after the test had started, so there is no longer an option to switch to the school assessment grade. Lost.


In a series of tweets, Nasir called the minister for his “incompetence”, determined to protect the lives of thousands of students.

He called Mahmood “careless” and said that the “shortsighted misinformation policy” was stressing students.

He also pointed out how Pakistani schools are working to do what the Ministry of Education should do, he said, “filling the shoes of the government in the absence of the minister.”

Nasir reminded students that despite the choice of the British Council, students were not given the option to receive school grades for the Cambridge exam, as Mahmoud, like any other country, put unnecessary pressure on students by refusing to cancel the test.

Then he repeated that the burden of fighting for this school grade was not on the school, but on the pastor himself. “I was relieved of pressure by providing a half-baked solution that caused this problem.”

In the midst of all this, Mahmoud called the pictures of the cramped testing grounds fake, saying that activists were jumping for “cheap publicity.”

“Some of the people who jump into this situation for cheap publicity are trying to distribute fake photos of the test site. Their attempts to spread confusion have failed, and they will continue to fail because of self-projections that are not interested in the students,” he said. said. said.

However, as students took tests in terrible conditions, they confirmed that the photos were truly terrifying reality.

The end result? Mahmood has blocked Nasir on social media. Everyone has the right to block anyone who harms their mental health, but now we know that the problem has become a personal matter.