Shadab Khan offers an intensive course on her life via Twitter.

Pakistani ace cricketer Shadab Khan responded to fans’ questions via Twitter on Monday. He talked about his life, his experience as a cricketer, and everything that was thrown in his way, especially the fact that Hassan Ali was his best friend. Memory.

He made an announcement a few hours before it started live so fans could prepare questions.

Open the sluice gate!

This fan wanted to know who Khan’s best friend was and who was the toughest hitter he faced. The answer was Rohit Sharma from India.

And for the toughest bowler he replied to New Zealand payer Lockie Ferguson.

Have you ever wondered what other sports he likes? He had an answer to it too.

Obviously, the next question is, of course, is he Tim Messi or Ronaldo? obviously.

what is that? Now do you want to know what innings he enjoyed the most? You won’t believe it.

I like the way he likes it the most. Until Baba Azam and Khan were promoted, the team was a typical Pakistani in confusion. He was good at the ball and we won by 32.

Fans were concerned about Khan’s anger management issues. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What was one thing you told me to remember?

Do you know what it is to get all the love and attention from your family? We don’t even know Khan. Being an international cricketer and winning the ICC Champions Trophy won’t be enough to attract attention.

FYI, if you figured it out, let Khan know and see us too!

The most bothersome game he’s ever played?

chills. Literal chills.

Faheem Ashraf clearly leads the double life of a celebrity.

Sad boy things.

Some more Hassan Ali.


Well, it was an informative Q&A session. Who would you like to see in your next Twitter session?