Sarah Khan’s advice for single women? find a man like my husband

Actress Sarah Khan dedicated the day to her fans with a live Q&A session featuring candid remarks, cute photos and some reveals. Marriage to musician Falak Shabir has been a popular point of interest for her fans and seems to be a favorite topic for Khan herself too.

On Thursday, Khan announced on Instagram that she would captivate fans with a Q&A, and her fans turned their backs full of questions, photo requests and BTS stories.

Khan did not disappoint.

Her fans seem to agree that she seems to be together in life and looks happy. A fan asked her for advice.

It’s unclear if everyone will end up with a guy like Shavir, but Khan looks pretty happy and fans think they’re great together.

In fact, it’s so good that fans can’t get enough of it. They asked for pictures of two people they had never seen before at the wedding.

But the couple’s interest does not end there. Fans are not only interested in them as individual artists and celebrity couples, they are actually in their own bedrooms as well.

Khan did a rather odd request, but perhaps we shouldn’t be asking celebrities for pictures of their bedroom. It’s kinda weird.

The actress also revealed that her wedding photo shoot was the most memorable photo she ever did.

Have you ever wondered if she is sporty?

She “plays” badminton.

Also, we’re pretty sure you can guess where this user got this question.

She was asked to take a selfie without makeup.

Finally, fans are excited about what Khan will do next. her drama sabat, Raqs-e-Bismil and Mere Bewafa She gained her followers among Pakistani viewers and her next project is Laapata.

she will work with Hey Maan Ja Star Ali Leman Khan Rangreza Star Gohar Rasheed.

Laapata This is Momina Duraid production and is currently in the works. The show also features other celebrities such as Ayeza Khan, Asma Abbas, Amna Malik, Rabia Naureen and Munazzah Arif.

Did you learn something new about Sarah Khan today?