Salman Khan sues critic Kama Al Rashid Khan for defamation

Kamaal Rashid Khan or KRK, an Indian film critic with more than 750,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, has been sued for defamation by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The lawsuit is in accordance with KRK’s review of Khan’s new film. Radhe: The Bhai You Want Most, He greatly criticized what he considers to be a one-star movie and a terrible acting profession. Bajrangi Bhaijaan star.

We first learned of the lawsuit when KRK tweeted about it, and he really thanked Khan for the lawsuit. He believed that the action reflected Khan’s disappointment and disappointment in the movie’s box office. In fact, he called it evidence. He went further and insisted on how he was doing his job, reviewing his films for viewers, and insisting that Khan should make his own job-a better one.

KRK was not only defensive about his reviews, but was also disappointed in the lawsuit. In a later tweet, he said, “I said so much that if I told him not to review a film by a producer or actor, I would never review it.” Khan said he would no longer be reviewing his own movie because it was influenced by his own reviews.

KRK’s’Last Video’ is also for litigation. He stood in front of the camera and confided in the matter. It is clear that he feels this situation is unfair because he was doing his job.

“That [Salman Khan] I think his movie is a hit, but my review is bad, so this movie turned into a very stupid flop,” he mocked.

He was very critical of Khan’s attitude and asked if he would expect the critic to only say good things about him. “You gave Disha Patni a role in the movie, you gave her money, and of course she Bholu Emphasizing the age difference between the two, he also stressed the very critical part of his review. Bholu Cute boy at 60? Isn’t it embarrassing to sing that way at this age?” he asked.

“I don’t have a problem with you or your movie. There is a problem with your ego,” said KRK. He said that Khan should do his job as he expected and let critics do his job as expected. But he shouldn’t joke with them.

KRK said, “I’m different from other critics. Of course I’ll say good things in the interview. I won’t do that,” said KRK.

KRK’s review Radhe At the end, he left most of the compliments and thoroughly smashed several aspects of the film that turned out to be under-rated. Regarding the plot, he said hysteria was the way three boys first came to Mumbai to kill people while the police were sleeping. He also thought it was fun that these’new boys’ in Mumbai knew the city so well, as if they had lived there all their lives.

Khan entered the first scene and killed hundreds of people in minutes, and his stunt double was so young that he criticized KRK. Double’s agile movement was overkill for the old Khan, and he said it wasn’t sitting at all, making it too easy for viewers to distinguish.

Patni is a young model in the film and when Khan met her, he says he’s an ambitious model, indicating that he’s also between 20 and 22 years old. “She said himBholu A cute boy, and in the rest of the film she does,” said KRK. He found that it was a problem for Khan to choose such a young actor to play with him. I thought Jackie Shroff had failed in the movie.

“This movie is like a coronavirus. Viruses harm the lungs and this movie harms the brain.”

Giving the movie a 1 star, he said more, including good ones. He thought Patni did her part well and probably understood the limitations that came with it. Randeep Hooda regretted the actor’s desire to be a hero, but felt that he played the bad guy really well. KRK said it would be much better for his career to turn into a negative role. Because he’s good at acting, but that doesn’t happen.

And to sum up for the average viewer, he humorously said, “If nothing else, at least the song is good,” as is the case with most Masala Bollywood productions.

Is it legal for movie stars to sue critics for reviews?