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Saket Gokhale is an Indian health and fitness influencer and vlogger.

Wikipedia/ Bio

Saket Mangesh Gokhale was born on Sunday, December 3, 2000 (20 years old; from 2020) In India. He grew up in Pune and attended VIBGYOR High School, Pune. As of 2021, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (final year) at Sir Parashurambhau College in Pune.

A school photograph of Saket Gokhale

A school photograph of Saket Gokhale

Saket Gokhale College ID Card

Saket Gokhale College ID Card

Physical appearance

Height (approx.): 5 ′ 9 ″

Approximate weight.): 72 kilograms

Chest (approx.): 44 inches

Waist (approx.): 32 inch

Biceps (approx.): 17 inch

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Saket gokhale


Fathers and brothers

Saket Gokhale belongs to a Marathi family. His father’s name is Mangesh Gokhale and his mother’s name is Ashwini Gokhale. He is a single child.

Saket Gokhale with her father Mangesh Gokhale

Saket Gokhale with her father Mangesh Gokhale

Saket Gokhale's mother, Ashwini Gokhale

Saket Gokhale’s mother, Ashwini Gokhale

Relationships and girlfriends

According to him, Saket has been in a relationship with four women.


Saket was a very skinny kid in high school. According to him, his small physical stature made him insecure. Saket began her fitness journey in 2016 after taking inspiration from her childhood friend Aryan Khanna (another popular fitness vlogger). Apparently, Aryan was also a skinny kid in high school, but he started spinning and gaining muscles. This motivated Saket to follow in his footsteps. For the next two years, Saket and Aryan worked diligently to achieve their fitness goals.

Saket Gokhale and Aryan Khanna's Fitness Trip

Saket Gokhale and Aryan Khanna’s Fitness Trip

In 2018, Saket created a self-titled YouTube channel to start vlogging her daily exercise routine. Saket admitted that she wanted to inspire others with her fitness journey. He also started sharing his training regimens on his Instagram account. Soon, his subscriber base began to grow.

In 2019, he created another YouTube channel with the same name where he uploads videos related to fitness tips for beginners going to the gym. This step was a milestone in his YouTube career. His videos began to go viral, making him a YouTube sensation. His video titled ‘The FASTEST way to lose BELLY FAT for Indians’ has over 2.5 million views on YouTube. As of 2021, he has 594 thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel and 142K followers on his Instagram account.

Facts / Trivia

  • During his childhood, his friends used to make fun of his name by calling it ‘Suck It’ instead of ‘Saket’.
  • Saket was a speedcuber in 2012 and 2013. Speedcuber is a person who participates in the sport of quickly solving the Rubik’s cube. His other hobbies include drawing and cardistics.
  • He is not a vegetarian and loves to eat grilled chicken. You make sure that at least one of your daily meals contains chicken, which provides you with your daily dose of protein, necessary for gaining muscle mass.
  • Since both of his parents are working, he has to prepare his own meals. Saket often shares her chicken recipe videos on her YouTube channel.

  • In his spare time, he learns Japanese and German languages.
    Saket Gokhale learning the Japanese language

    Saket Gokhale learning the Japanese language

  • In a YouTube video, Saket mentioned that he did not borrow money from his parents to finance his YouTube videos. He recorded the initial videos on his mobile phone, and later bought a camera, an iPhone, and a MacBook with the money he made from YouTube AdSense.
  • Saket is a huge fan of David Laid, an American fitness YouTuber.
  • Although her main focus is her YouTube career, Saket never neglects her studies.
  • Saket is an avid dog lover.
    Saket Gokhale playing with a dog

    Saket Gokhale playing with a dog