Saira Khan announces leaving Rouge Woman to focus on’what’s really important’

Rouge woman star Saira Khan said she was giving up her spot on a popular weekly TV show.

The 50-year-old media figure, who gained fame as a participant in The Apprentice, decided to leave the ITV program after five years.

Both mothers explained in The Mirror’s column that last year’s epidemic made people realize “what really matters to us.”

Saira Khan leaves Loose Women after 5 years.

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She said the hardships of 2020 “definitely made me evaluate my priorities, my values, and how I want to improve my life.”

Since then, the much-loved panelist announced: “So I start the year by saying goodbye to Loose Women.

“After five years of working as a regular panelist, I decided to give up my position to another woman who would benefit from the platform like me.”

Saira booked herself in a wellness resort in Spain to focus on self-reflection.
Star hopes to focus on her skin care brand and her love for well-being.

The host was a “hard decision”, but she ran the skin care business, Saira Skin, and concluded that she wanted to “go ahead with other media projects” and “focus on developing a love for well-being”. .”

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