Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is protesting the Ramazan transfer and we are with her.

We are at the peak of the Covid epidemic, on the one hand, the public must give up the luxury of following protocols, keeping a safe distance from each other and enjoying restaurants and public spaces with loved ones. The other is that the Ramazan transfer is in full swing and it puts a lot of people on the set and upsets Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and all of us.

The model started by pointing out the reality around us and took it to Instagram to highlight this hypocrisy.

“Face the pinnacle. Cricket leagues are canceled, countries in the subcontinent are sealed off and strict curfew is imposed on everyone. We are in the middle of this terrible and dangerous third wave,” she began.

She encouraged everyone to follow the SOP, wear masks all the time, hold on to hope, and place trust in the systems and authorities that can lead us through these difficult times.

Khattak pointed out how she read somewhere that social distancing is a privilege. “It means you live in a house big enough to practice it. Hand washing is also a privilege. It means you have access to water. Hand sanitizer is a privilege. It means you have the money to buy it. I mean,” she urged us. Don’t forget this.

Soon after, she stressed the Ramazan transmission, which had a problem with this opportunity.

“They are filmed on sets that don’t follow the protocol and have 60 to 70 crew members not isolated and not functioning in a biosecurity environment. This is a blatant violation of government policy and shows our own insensitivity. It depends on the situation. “She protested, pointing out how this show really doesn’t lead to productive or irreparable results.

“Rather, it seems hellish to mock and insult humans in the name of entertainment and profit. Vulnerable, rude, no respect for human dignity. Sorry, but this frustrates me a lot!” She added.

Khattak came up with a solution to the problem, which was reasonable and desperately needed.

It spreads awareness of Covid and gives her airtime so she can enforce the government-sent messages she proposed, adding that she thinks it’s actually impossible.

“There wasn’t a better time to do in Ramazan, but how can people beat Corolla?” With a sigh, she reminded people to take this epidemic seriously.

“Write Eid while practicing social distancing, recognize your privileges, and see through the lies we consume through the magic box!” Said Khattak.