Rio Ferdinand shares her first lovely photo with her son Cree in taupe sweatshirt.

Rio Ferdinand has been resolute to protect her privacy with newborn Cree since his wife Kate gave birth to him two weeks before Christmas.

However, it seems that the former professional footballer is finally ready to give a glimpse of his little boy to the public as he finally shares his sweet photo on Instagram.

A rare snap sees Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12 and 9-year-old Tia’s father, Dating Dotting, sitting in a brown beige armchair and holding a 1-month-old baby.

42-year-old little Cree wore outfits that matched the photo, Rio wore jogging pants with a taupe t-shirt and a pair of personalized slippers, and his son wore taupe baby grows with white socks.

Rio Ferdinand shared a lovely snapshot with son Cree.
Rio Ferdinand shared a lovely snapshot with son Cree.

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In the caption, Rio told 4.5 million fans, “The Day Father and Son Match!! One of the many #fatherandsons”. [sic] A rolling eye emoticon follows.

Many of his followers were compelled to cross over a pair, as one wrote, “It’s so cute to you too, big love x”. [sic] Second chime: “Absolutely cool picture”, two pink heart emoticons.

Another joke was “I need a new center in United by training to stop sitting about Rio.” There are baby emoji and soccer emoji. Others sat together at Kent’s house and sang “Lovely” and “Gorgeous”.

Not everything was a mediocre voyage for Rio because his other half, 29-year-old Kate, recently shared a brutal and honest online post about her first week of motherhood.

Rio and Kate Ferdinand announced their pregnancy in a sweet video.
Rio’s fans are forced to spew out his little boy.

“I have always been very emotional. Whatever I feel, everyone always knows. I want to put my heart on my sleeve.”

“Since childbirth, my feelings are still everywhere. I cry often-I am so happy with our beautiful new additions, but I often experience overwhelming moments. I don’t know if I come and go most of the day.”

Along with the heightened feelings that a new mother could bring, the former TOWIE star confessed that the blockade was becoming more difficult.

Kate Ferdinand'pain from baby blues'
Kate’s stepchildren left her a lovely note to show her support.

Kate Ferdinand shared her favorite looks during pregnancy, including invisible vacation photos.

I am sharing notes from my stepchildren on Instagram. “Pls stop crying I love u” [sic] She wrote together: “When I thought a screaming baby would shed my tears, I get this through the door as if I hadn’t had enough emotions.”

While admitting that having her husband Rio and their family is “blessed,” she says, “Some moments are amazing and full of love, but too often I feel like I can’t get out of my mood. I am not sure if this is a sequelae of the emergency c section or the stress of another obstruction. Perhaps a mix of both.”

Acknowledging that she’s feeling like “a robot doing the same routine every day,” she explained, “the mix of new babies, blockades, kids at home, sleep deprivation worked out and really got me.”

Kate Ferdinand'pain from baby blues'
Kate said she feels like a robot.

“My feelings and anxiety are always high,” she said. I can’t use all the coping mechanisms I’ve learned over the years to control my anxiety. Exercise, long walks, alone time.”

Kate’s followers praised her with an open mind for her struggles. Presenter Fearne Cotton said: “Kate is a powerful and important message. None of us should cheat through this. It’s a big challenge every day. Thanks for sharing. I love you so much.”

“It’s a post that a lot of people can relate to,” said Daniel Armstrong, her former TOWIE co-star. You can do your best, and more than that. I had a lot of love.”