Return of the Golden Globe Award, which Tom Cruise has won over the years.

Actor Tom Cruise has returned all the Golden Globe awards he has won over the years.

According to CNNThe move comes amid growing debate surrounding the lack of diversity and the lack of diversity, especially the HFPA (Globe’s backbone), which has no black members, the ethical questions related to the financial benefits of some of the 87 members revealed in a survey last February.

The star won the Best Actor Award for his performance. Jerry Maguire (1997), Born on July 4th (1990), Best supporting actor magnolia (2000). All three trophies were returned to HFPA headquarters.

Film director Ava Duverney turned to Twitter to praise Cruise’s move.

“Then Tom Cruise sent the Golden Globes Jerry Maguire, magnolia and Born on July 4th They are put in real boxes at HFPA’s reception desks to combat their sexism, homophobia, racist exclusion, harassment, and prejudice practices. “She pointed out.

NBC also announced that it would not air in 2022 on Monday.

“We continue to believe that HFPA is committed to meaningful reform. But this scale of change takes time and effort, and we believe HFPA will take time to do it right. So NBC is bringing the Golden Globe to 2022. Will not broadcast. ,” they said CNN business.

Former HFPA President Meher Tatna said: Kinds There have been no black members in the group since at least 2002 when she first joined.