Receive overwhelming response to Ayeza Khan’s Ramazan message for SnackVideo

As Eid is around the corner, most TV shows have already introduced special segments to celebrate the Holy Moon and celebrate Eid’s feast with celebrities and influencers.

Ayeza Khan, one of Pakistan’s best TV actors, also seemed to have recently attended a special show in Ramazan in Jeeto Pakistan. She shared part of her life during the Holy Moon and participated in SnackVideo’s Ramazan campaign by recording a message about the video-sharing platform.

Her videos worked noticeably well on the platform, encouraging countless fans to follow her lead.


SnackVideo’s In-App Challenge for Ramazan puts our favorite influencers together on one platform.

SnackVideo recently launched a campaign celebrating Blessing Month with the #EidReward hashtag featuring drama, recipes, and Ramazan traditions, and so far the hashtag has received numerous entries from people documenting their greatness. Iftar I was able to receive a lot of fun goods through dining and indoor activities.

All of the challenges we have encountered are:


With more than 209,000 page views and 125,000 participants to date, this hashtag featured a variety of delicious iftar recipes from the SnackVideo community, including traditional items such as: Samosa, Pakora, Chicken rolls, Shami Kebab And fruit salad.

Users like @YourFoodLab have recorded videos of creative recipes like homemade chocolate coffee that have been republished many times.

# Ade Drama

The internet seems to like lip sync for drama.

Producers across the country used the app to play their favorite scenes from Pakistani dramas while fasting.

The video from @RamadanMoralStories with over 133k views and over 12.4k likes was an inspiring clip of family sharing food in a unique way.

The challenge was a jackpot with over 223,000 views and over 64,000 users sharing up to 137,000 videos over the first two weeks.


SnackVideo users have shared their everyday life, Eid’s wishes, and costume inspirations under this hashtag.

To date, the challenge has received more than 590,000 page views and 204,000 videos, which represents Pakistan’s passion for celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and spreading the message of hope.

What’s new in Eid?

The short video platform encourages different ways to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, making people laugh at these test times.

To that end, SnackVideo launched a new Eid event that covers the festival, and includes four hashtag challenges to relive old photos, Q&A, and AR.

Download the app to explore all kinds of fun activities.

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