Pregnant Lauren Guger worries fans by posting a secret message about disappearance after struggling with morning sickness

Pregnant woman Lauren Guger worried her fans after sharing a mystery post about’disappearing’.

Former TOWIE star, 34-year-old Instagram story tells her boyfriend Charles De Luri and her first child, “sometimes disappearing.” It is mine.”

It was after admitted that Lauren, who wore the latest trendy brown jumpsuit and showed off her baby bump in bloom, withstands the cold, is suffering from morning sickness.

Lauren Goodger posted a secret message on Instagram Stories.

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Mom, who will become a mother, told her Instagram followers: “I haven’t been able to shop for food since before. I had to leave Sainsbury’s because I got really sick and dizzy and tired.”

Lauren has previously opened up about how she suffers in her first trimester.

She told The Sun, “It’s like having a hangover someday. Even if you are pregnant and not going out, it feels like you are not drinking alcohol. I thought it would be over when I got pregnant. It’s unfair.

Lauren said she was sick and dizzy and couldn't finish the store.
Coming out after the former TOWIE star opens up about suffering from sickness

“But it’s definitely a really beautiful thing and at the same time it has this lovely buzz.”

Last month she also explained that only certain foods are currently available.

She said, “The only thing you can have chicken soup and sour dough today! Migrane worst yet! And disease !!! I thought I was past all these #bedforme. “

Pregnant Lauren Goodger shows off healthy diet and lifestyle changes as she prepares to become her first mother.
Lauren is waiting for her first child with Charles Drury.

Lauren and Charles (23 years old) announced their pregnancy in an exclusive interview. New magazine.

Lauren explained: “We were very sexually active and I do nothing. [contraceptives] It happened soon. “

Charles added: “Family has always been such a big deal and I have friends who have been doing this since a young age. And my mother also put me at a very young age at 17.

Pregnant Lauren Goodger shows off healthy diet and lifestyle changes as she prepares to become her first mother.
Lauren announced the news of her pregnancy last month.

“It happened naturally and we wanted it. It was a mixed feeling when Lauren told me, but it’s what I always wanted.”

The couple officially formalized their relationship in October last year and are expecting a baby in July.

Despite their quick romance, Lauren insisted that she and Charles should be there.

“We are very comfortable with each other and have gone through a lot,” she said. “We have settled at home and are having a baby – it goes 100 miles an hour! Now we are a family.”