Pregnant Lauren Goodger was afraid of miscarriage her baby because she couldn’t taste McDonald’s with Covid-19 symptoms.

Lauren Goodger honestly admitted her fear of losing a baby after experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

The 34-year-old announced last week that she would have her first child with her boyfriend Charles De Lourie in a nice photo shoot and an interview with a new magazine.

However, she opened the door at a’scary’ moment when she believed she would suffer a miscarriage just weeks after she learned she was pregnant with Charles’ 23-year-old baby.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren sadly had a miscarriage in the past and was afraid of repeating the history of not being able to taste or smell McDonald’s meals in October.

Lauren Goodger opened the moment you thought you were losing a baby.
Lauren Goodger opened the door at a frightening moment when she thought she was losing her baby.

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Lauren was experiencing flu-like symptoms after learning that she was pregnant and spent most of the two weeks after being revealed in bed.

In an interview with The Sun, Lauren said, “It was scary. I was worried about the baby, and I was afraid that it would get worse and die again.”

After biting the lemon and rushing home for a mouthwash, her fear deepened when she couldn’t taste it.

Lauren was pregnant with her and Charles Drury's first child.
Lauren was pregnant with her and Charles Drury’s first child.

The pair released the news with a great shoot with a new magazine
The pair released the news with a great shoot with a new magazine

She continued to tell the publication: “I was worried about that. When I recovered from the worst situation, but my sense of smell disappeared.

“Seeing all these scary reports about Covid in the news, I was embarrassed.”

The celebrity Big Brother star applied for a coronavirus test after the horror, but was rejected because it was not high temperature.

Lauren sadly has a miscarriage in the past.
Lauren sadly has a miscarriage in the past.

Lauren, despite not being tested, is convinced that she has a fatal bug because she has been in contact with other people who have tested positive.

She recently admitted to struggling with the side effects of pregnancy, but it is all “worthless” to know that you will have a child at the end of your ordeal.

The stunning brunette wrote to her 774,000 Instagram followers: “It’s not easy to get tired, sick, exhausted and sick, but it’s worth it and it brings me closer to you every day. [sic]. “

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Charles quickly commented on this post, “It’s not easy for anyone right now, but I’ve got this baby.”

Many of her fans have sympathized with this star as follows: “I’m the same week as you. I’ve scheduled a personal scan to see if it’s a boy or girl on the 16 week eeek. [sic]. “

Second addition: “I feel all of that, I didn’t even get pregnant!! Get along well.”