Pregnant Georgia Kousoulou’checks baby gender’ as she and Tommy Mallett prepare for their first child

Georgia Kousoulou, who is pregnant, said in December that she knew the sex of her baby, but has not yet released the news publicly.

However, TOWIE star 29 seemed to accidentally missed it when she participated in Instagram Q+A on Wednesday night.

When asked if she and her boyfriend Tommy Mallet would keep the baby private on social media and filming, Georgia said, “We will film with the baby.”

Georgia Kousoulou seemed to accidentally slipped the baby’s gender when participating in Instagram Q+A.

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She added: “I would definitely not plaster babies everywhere. [her] life.”

However, many of her followers seem to have sent her a message about the clip. Georgia said she was “we” not “her”.

She wrote in her Instagram story, “The guys I said “our life.”

The TOWIE star claimed that she was “we” and not “her”.

Georgia, via Q+A, said she had back pain in recent weeks and said, “Some days are better than others.”

She also admitted that she ate six meals a day because she was “always hungry”. She said: “I had to eat another meal after each meal. Usually I only eat three meals a day, but today I eat six.”

Scheduled for May, Georgia, 28-year-old Tommy, has informed fans of the pregnancy since the December news release.

Georgia Kousoulou showed off her blossoming baby bump.
Georgia is delivering the latest news to fans during pregnancy.

The reality star previously said she struggled with her first trimester.

When asked if a fan had morning sickness, Georgia replied, “I had a hangover every day for the first 12 weeks, and I was fine at week 13.”

Pregnant women also asked if they would share the baby’s gender before giving birth.

Georgia Kousoulou, pregnant,'fired' as Tommy Mallet looked back at the secret row.
Georgia and Tommy Mallet will have their first child in May.

“Yes, but we don’t know when to go,” she admitted.

“We were just like’let’s leave it to ourselves for a moment’, but do we really have to say it?

Georgia and Tommy said they are expecting their first child with a sweet photo holding a baby scan on December 15th.

Georgia Kousoulou showcases Tommy's gym renovation in his £1 million mansion.
TOWIE couple released their news in December

She wrote in the post, “We are having babies!!! May 2021.

“We look forward to the next chapter in our lives. What a great news to end this crazy year! Let’s start the next chapter…

“I’m really happy to see what tomorrow’s @towie announced. Honestly, it’s the best product so far. It was so special, emotional, and better because no one knew it.

She concluded, “I literally don’t know how we left it to ourselves!! Prepare a tissue.”

Tommy also shared this on his page and said, “I have great news to end 2020. I’m really blessed and now my life feels completely in May 2021, @georgiakousoulou.”