Pregnant Charlotte Dawson admits that she plans to eat her own placenta after giving birth.

Charlotte Dawson said there are plans to turn the placenta into tablets so that it can be eaten after the birth of the first child.

The former Ex On The Beach star, daughter of late comedian Les Dawson, said she packed a frozen bag to take to the hospital to freeze the placenta and turn it into pills.

In the currently deleted Instagram Live seen by The Mirror, the star revealed: “I have a freezer bag ready to freeze the placenta.

Charlotte fans shared words of support.
Charlotte announced plans to eat her placenta

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“I’m making it into pills and tablets.”

When fans asked if her fiancé, Matthew, would also take the tablet, the star said, “Matthew doesn’t share a tablet.”

Pills are made by dehydration of the placenta, crushed and encapsulated.

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Her husband would not take medicine.

A whole placenta can make up to 200 pills, and it can be taken daily because many believe it can improve energy levels and improve the quality of breast milk.

In an interview last month new, The reality star opened up how she is currently coping with her pregnancy, describing herself as “hormones” and “tired”.

Charlotte said: “I am 33 weeks pregnant and I am a mess.

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Charlotte said she was “frightened” during pregnancy

“I’m shattered. Reality is tired, always moaning, hormonal, and hungry.

“I just want to calm down, but I can’t be so busy.

“I find it very difficult to find food to eat properly without stabbing blood sugar, especially with gestational diabetes. I was very hormonal and cried a lot.

“I mean Matthew put up with a lot and he deserves a medal, but I’ve grown up as a human, little little mat, so you’ll have to deal with it.”

However, not all pregnancy is a negative experience, as the mother continues to clarify.

“I love being pregnant and feeling pregnant, and the little baba that moves in my stomach,” she said.

“It’s a feeling of magic.”