Pregnant Binky Felsted shares her baby scan and says she had a lot of’thumbsucking and kicking’.

Binky Felstead shared an update of baby scans going through her pregnancy and told her fans that there was a “thumb suck and kick”.

The former maid-in-Chelsea Star shared a lovely update with her fans after a recent scan.

Binky, 30, posted a video of how lucky her fiancé Max Darnton was able to do a scan with her.

Binky said, “I can still use Max for my scans. I knew I couldn’t for a while. Max can come to my scans. Obviously I can’t get anyone else. So India couldn’t come to my scans,” said Binky. “

Binki admitted that he had missed meeting his “new mummy friend”, but added that he did not need to attend prenatal classes this time because he was with his 3-year-old daughter India.

Binky Felstead recently shared a scan of her pregnancy.

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She also added that she wished there would be a “direct family” when the couple reveals the sex of the baby, rather than delivering happy news to the family through expansion.

Binky is waiting for a baby with her partner Max and is keeping fans informed as the pregnancy progresses.

The star even told fans that she and Max had picked up the name of their unborn son.

BInky Felstead looks so cute with Instagram's all-black look.
BInky Felstead shares her second pregnancy news with her fans.

Asked if she picked her name from Instagram Q+A, Binky, who recently showed off her bump in mid-pregnancy, explained: “Yes, I know the name. It took several weeks. Obviously it’s still too early, but now the name has been decided.”

The reality star is already the mom of 3-year-old daughter India, along with ex-boyfriend and former MIC co-star Josh’JP’ Paterson.

As for how her second pregnancy was different, Binky said: I have already had children, but this pregnancy is definitely more painful than the last time.”

Binky has also previously discussed feeling “anxious” after experiencing a devastating legacy.

Binky Felstead was flooded with cool comments after 20 weeks of update.
Binky Felstead shares her growing figure.

“I think you’ll always feel a bit of anxiety about your pregnancy. Of course, after a miscarriage, you’ll have additional elements of anxiety, especially scans,” she said.

“But all you need is the belief and trust that everything will be fine.”

Binky announced in January that there was a boy in a sweet sex release video.

The star told fans that he would look forward to it again in December with a sweet family photo. In the photo, Binky can be seen wearing a gorgeous pink gown, smiling at his daughter India holding a scan photo while Max is smiling at the camera.

Binky Felstead is waiting for a second child with her fiancé Max Danton.
Binky Felstead is waiting for a second child with her fiancé Max Danton.

“BIG SISTER ALERT” she wrote with Snap.

“I am so grateful and happy that our family can grow in 2021. India has earned a new title of’Big Sister’… She is already proud!”

“2020 has been a real personal roller coaster with tremendous rises and falls.

“We are very excited, happy and grateful for what is to come! It’s 2021.”

Binky Felstead shares a scan of her second child.
Binky Felstead previously shared a scan of her second child.

For a sweet presentation, Max is posting a lovely photo of India, the daughter of Binky’s former Josh’JP’ Patterson, on his social media and holding a scan of her little brother.

He wrote: “I am very pleased that this little idiot will become my sister in 2021.”

Binky met her daughter India with maid-in-Chelsea star Josh Patterson in 2017, but the two soon announced a split.