Piers Morgan admits’trying to lose lock lard’ by eating sushi thanks to his wife Celia Walden.

Piers Morgan said he was trying to lose weight after getting “locked lard” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 55-year-old, whose son Spencer recently bypassed London’s Tier 4 restrictions to fly to Barbados, informed 1.3 million followers about his new diet via Instagram feed.

He shared a plate full of different types of colorful sushi, along with a small bowl that looked like soy sauce, explaining: “I like sushi. Don’t get me wrong.

“But it’s more of a canape than a lost’dinner’. cc @ celia.walden”. [sic]

Piers Morgan and Celia Walden attend the Spectator Life 5th Birthday Party in London.
Pierce Morgan said he is trying to lose “Lock Lard”

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Fans quickly commented on the snap, with one joking, “It won’t be full, the size of a ship is this! lol”. [sic]

Another said “it’s just a starter xx”. It is “Starrs Pierce”, which the third person agreed.

A quarter wrote about how well his wife Celia, 45, and her daughter Elise, 9, take care of herself: “I’m so lucky the way Celia takes care of you.” [sic] With three clapping hands emoticons.

Piers struck violently after saying that Lauren Goodger recently refused to take the coronavirus vaccine because she did not believe in face masks.

Piers shared a plate of sushi prepared by his wife Celia Walden.
Piers shared a plate of sushi prepared by his wife Celia Walden.

Good Morning Britain star Piers called former The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren, 32, “half” and “uncomfortable” for her remarks.

In an episode of Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, January 6, Piers said: When the vaccine is given to her.

“She said it wasn’t a problem because she was scared of the vaccine and she already had Covid and she believed she wasn’t dead.

“Lauren said:’I’m more scared of vaccines than viruses’… Really?”

Piers struck after saying that Lauren Goodger doesn’t believe in face masks.

He goes on and “she” I don’t like taking pills. I don’t take antibiotics, but I do cosmetic, said “… what?”

Piers kept tearing Lauren apart: “Here’s a picture of Lauren. What do you think she is pushing on her face?

“Where does it come from Lauren? What did you inject into those lips? Have you checked where it came from? Have you checked what it is?”

Enraged Piers continued, “I mean, these people are absolute anti-counters… They are not half a wit, they are a quarter wit!”

Lauren Goodger revealed that she does not believe in face masks.
Lauren said she would not get the coronavirus vaccine.

Susanna Reid asked: “Should I also give time to those who say they will not get the vaccine?”

Piers argued: “Unfortunately, she… has a problem. They are getting noticed on social media.”

Susanna replied, “Let’s not give them any attention.” Piers said: “Okay, but I’m already giving my views to millions of young susceptible people and I’m not challenged. And my point is that these reality stars are filling their faces with plastic fillings, injections, surgery, etc. and attacking vaccines. Will be. That’s ridiculous.”

Piers urged Good Morning Britain viewers to “don’t listen to these poor people because it’s going to kill you.”