Peter Andre struck the government and said the borders should be closed faster.

Peter Andre accused the government of not closing borders sooner during the coronavirus pandemic.

His writing New magazine Columnar, 47-year-old Peter opened up about traveling abroad last week, claiming that an influencer appeared on This Morning and that his work was “essential”.

Fitness instructor Sheridan Mordew arrived in Dubai on January 2nd to film live workouts that inspire British clients.

Peter Andre beats Lauren Guger for disbelief in face masks
Peter Andre struck the government for not closing borders faster during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Pete said: “I got hit after appearing on This Morning to defend against Influencer being in Dubai. She said travel is “essential” and her job is to “synchronize” people.

“Now if I had only posted a video of the workout she was sharing, no one would have been upset, especially if it was her job. However, people are disappointed with the post.

“To be honest, no one needs to see a camel ride in Dubai. It can’t be called a must! I remember when I was allowed to travel in Cyprus last summer and when I uploaded our video, someone said, “Don’t show it off”. I didn’t think so, so I thought twice.”

Peter Andre hit the star while fighting the coronavirus at home.
Peter said not closing borders was a “big mistake” and “many lives were lost.”

Peter went on to say that what allows people to travel is “taking a lot of lives.”

“I think the UK made the big mistake of not closing its borders sooner, as the UK now has killed more than 100,000 people from the coronavirus,” he wrote.

“It took many lives and the economy collapsed. But if you say this, I don’t know another prime minister who would have done better than Boris Johnson. Oh wait… Pierce Morgan, lol!”

Peter Andre struck the government and Boris Johnson and said the border should be closed.
Peter thinks Pierce Morgan would have done a good job as Prime Minister.

Peter started his fight against the coronavirus when he appeared with his wife Emily via a video link from Good Morning Britain.

He said: “I get people… I’m not kidding. Yesterday I sent a message to someone saying,’The media puppet trying to inform people that this virus is real. ‘.

“And they said:’You’re disgusting to me, we’ve never seen the NHS say you’re positive,’because what am I going to do, just put it on the screen? It’s ridiculous.”

Pete has previously opened up about the fight against the coronavirus.

Speaking of his experience with the virus, he continued: “I think it’s incredible because everyone has different symptoms. One of the key things I wanted to say is not to ignore all of the symptoms, because not all of them. The same.

“When I had symptoms I was absolutely convinced that there was no virus,” and he told his wife Emily, “Are you sure too?”

Peter Andre thanks his wife Emily as he recovers from the coronavirus.
Peter’s wife Emily also fought the coronavirus last year.

Dr. Emily said: “Yes, I don’t think it’s the textbook presented to you. It was a lesson for all of us because we have to pay attention to the symptoms.”

Peter took a quiz from GMB co-host Susanna Reid about what his symptoms were and said: “I didn’t have any body temperature. I was sick and coughed… It wasn’t as sticky as we heard, but it means it was sticky enough to think we should be tested.

“But the key to that is that once I was tested and self-isolate for 10 days, I knew I couldn’t infect anyone after I had a positive result. To show that we were tested without going… ”