Overlord’s Farhad Humayun dies at 42

Founder and drummer of Pakistan’s iconic band Overload, Farhad Humayun, who has been playing music for over 20 years, passed away Tuesday at the age of 42.

The news was announced on the band’s official Facebook page.

“The majestic Farhad Humayun left us this morning for the stars. Stoic in the face of challenge, uncompromising to his values, tolerant of faults, and witty as hell! Fadi was far ahead of his time in both spirit and art. ” Read the post announcing his death.

“He wants us to celebrate his life, so he asks his family, friends and fans to respect him and pray for him today. You can almost hear David Bowie say: ‘I don’t know where I am here. Promise me you won’t be bored from now on. Thanks for speeding up our sweet giant and making Riot.”

The post did not mention the cause of Humayun’s death, but in 2018 the musician revealed that “the world’s best surgeon” had a brain tumor that he was operating on. His cousin, Taimur Rahman, image The musician underwent two major surgeries for the tumor in Lahore and Dubai, but was still suffering.

He took a break on a Tuesday afternoon at Mian Meer Graveyard in Lahore. He is survived by his mother Navid Shahzad and sisters Sarah Shahzad and Reema Bukhari.

The bandleader for percussion-based performances was running Riot Studio, a recording studio and live performance venue.

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Humayun’s musical journey did not begin with drums, but instruments seemed to have been his calling from the beginning.

“I started playing music when I was in 8th grade and made like-minded friends. […] I played the guitar until someone advised me to play the drums. When I did that I found out that this was my tool. ‘” he said in a 2013 interview. dawn.

“Even before I got my hands on a real drum kit, I used sticks and pencils to mimic drumming other objects just like playing a real drum kit.”

“I also produce music and direct videos for myself, Overload and other bands. I’m not limited to anything, I keep exploring new aspects,” he said.

Speaking of singing as the Overlord’s frontman, he talks about how he’s been far from the limelight so far. “The nature of the instrument I play has been behind the drums for almost 20 years and I’ve been playing drums.”

In 2010, Humayun launched William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 verses online, calling it “My Adventures in Lyrics and Respect to William Shakespeare, Bryan Ferry and David Gilmour.”