Olivia Bowen bravely shares the snap of psoriasis as she talks about how her condition improved.

Olivia Bowen shared a photo before and after psoriasis in an honest Instagram post.

The 27-year-old Love Island star was diagnosed with a skin disorder when she was 17.

In her post, she proudly revealed that the patch on her stomach and chest was improved thanks to the prescription cream.

In her post, an excited reality TV star wrote: “Progress!!! Last week they were so grown up, angry, red and itchy. [sic].

“After a week they get lighter and less angry! I went to the doctor and prescribed a cream, so my fingers crossed!”

The 27-year-old Love Island star was diagnosed with skin disease when she was 17.

Alex Bowen’s wife also shared her current abs.

She explained to fans who were unaware of her condition: “Some of you call it psoriasis psoriasis that catches up.

“I’ve seen it many times before, and when I was 17, I once did this (from head to toe) like this. I’m usually around 3/4 months around. Some days are terrible and painful. & It makes me terribly anxious.

Olivia Bowen shared before and after her psoriasis snap.

“The other day I pick up myself and remind me that there are many worse things than small skin conditions. That’s what I hold on to! It’s just the skin. It matters who I am. [sic]. “

She also said she would not name the prescription cream.

Olivia added: “Because it is prescribed and so powerful, it would be irresponsible to offer to everyone and anyone.

In an honest Instagram post, Olivia revealed that the patch on her stomach and chest improved thanks to the prescription cream.

The star also shared a snap showing the current state of the abs.

“What I can tell you is definitely calling the doctor and going to the doctor. It’s really worth it. I’m not ashamed. It will help. [sic]. “

Last month, Olivia contacted social media to ask her followers to find a sunbed that could stop her psoriasis from spreading all over her body.

Love Island star asked fans for recommendations for UVB light sunbeds, as the only thing that helped her psoriasis when she was in her teens was to use UVB sunbeds.

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