Now that Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shaheen Afridi have met, it’s time for Twitter to stop fighting.

Shaheen Afridi and Sarfaraz Ahmed’s ‘clash’ on the pitch has been resolved with mutual respect and we wish each other the best and Twitter can finally take a break. The two used social media to overcome the on-the-ground misconceptions commonly seen in sports and competition.

Earlier this week, former captains Ahmed and Afridi fell into discord during a PSL match between Lahore Qalandars and Quetta Gladiators. Afridi’s flaming guards hit Ahmed’s helmet, and the two traded high fever at the tip of a non-striker. After the incident, a debate about respect began on social media.

Some believed Afridi had nothing to regret because it was perfectly legal and an important delivery in a quick bowler handbook. Others argued that whether the delivery was legal or not, the 21-year-old was a senior and should have more respect for his once insistence.

Afridi called Ahmed the pride of Pakistan on social media on Thursday, saying, “He has always been and will remain the captain for me.” And about the incident, he added, “What happened in the game that day was the heat of the moment.”

Looking back on his actions, he said, “I respect him and should have been quiet.” He said he always respected his seniors and wished Ahmed good luck.

Ahmed received the tweet with an open mind. “Everyone is a good friend. Whatever happens on the field, you have to be there.”

Ahmed, who calls Afridi a “star of Pakistan,” said he was like a younger brother and wanted to be the best for him too.

We are happy that everything is going well and this warm exchange is definitely reassuring. They’ve proven their ability to spread hatred through louder social media than ever before and make a difference that wasn’t there, and it’s reassuring to see the two go beyond all the chatter and resolve subtleties the way they should in competition.