No, Meesha Shafi hasn’t been sentenced to three years in jail for ‘criminal defamation’ – Celebrity

Contrary to what you may be seeing on social media, no court has issued a verdict in the legal disputes of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar, in favor of either party.

Shafi has become the victim of a social media disinformation campaign calling her “guilty”, which appears to stem from a report. by British tabloid The Daily Mail.

“A Pakistani singer whose allegations that she was groped by a pop star sparked the country’s #MeToo movement faces three years in prison for ‘criminal defamation’ for damaging his reputation,” the article read.

Lots of people on social media and various Indian media outlets, including Times of India Y ZeeNews, he understood that this meant that a verdict had been reached in favor of Zafar and that Shafi had received a sentence, but that is not true.

Shafi addressed the reports Monday night on his social media and shared a screenshot of a Samaa Digital report that discredited the “three years in prison” headlines. “Talking is even more difficult than being stalked,” she wrote.

“That is why many suffer in silence. Sending strength and solidarity to all those who raise their voices and risk their present to make way for a better future for all ”, he said.

Shafi’s lawyer, Asad Jamal Through his Twitter account he made things clear, calling it fake news.

He clarified that the trial court had not sentenced Shafi to three years in prison. “Let there be no confusion that no court in Pakistan has rendered such a verdict,” he said in his statement.

“It is ridiculous how the media has launched into spreading false news, misleading their viewers and readers by relying on an imaginary reaction of my client to the imagined court verdict,” he added.

In 2018, Shafi accused fellow singer Ali Zafar of harassment in a Twitter post, an accusation he has vehemently denied. Both have filed cases in different courts and Zafar has filed a defamation lawsuit against Shafi for accusing him of sexual harassment.

March 11th Shafi was summoned by a Lahore judicial magistrate in the case registered against him by Zafar under the Cybercrime Prevention Law. He has accused her and several other people, including rapper Ali Gul Pir and actor Iffat Omer, of running a “smear campaign” against him on social media.

An FIA legal officer presented a full investigation report at the hearing saying that the investigation established that all of the suspects, including Shafi, posted serious / outright allegations and defamatory / derogatory content on social media against Zafar.

However, the submission of an investigative report by the FIA ​​does not mean that the case has been decided.

A verdict has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, in early January, the Supreme Court accepted for regular audience Shafi’s plea, seeking instructions for the provincial ombudsman for the protection of harassment against women in the workplace to hear her complaint again.