My favorite chai walla on the internet goes all over the world

Arshad Khan, an 18-year-old car dealership, caused an internet sensation overnight in Pakistan after his photos spread on the internet. He poured that fame into his business and is now ready to conquer England.

After his runway debut as a show stopper for Ziggi Menswear, a British-based menswear brand specializing in groom wear for “modern Maharaja”, Khan returned to the chai business and opened his own cafe in Islamabad. His proud identity. His business is now growing and he is ready to take global dominance with Cafe Chaiwala Arshad Khan.

“At the end of the year, a store will open in the UK.” image. “The menu will be exactly the same as the Pakistani store,” he said, adding that he has franchised 10 stores in the UK.

“Everything from staff to construction will be theirs. Our standard food recipes are given to them and will give them the look of the design we want.”

Khan said he had the idea of ​​launching the brand and that Kazim Hassan (his “mentor, manager and brother”) took care of the rest.

He was pleased to announce that he is a pioneer in the brand that has expanded overseas and is looking forward to the journey.

Currently, Khan has four cafes in Islamabad named Cafe Chaiwala. He also has one in Murree.