My father used to sing in the mosque and I knew Islam. Priyanka Chopra says.

After an explosive interview with Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan, Oprah Winfrey’s show once again made headlines, but this time for all the wrong reasons.

A recent guest named Priyanka Chopra, who takes pride in often calling himself a “global citizen”. Super soul We talked about a spiritual person who is familiar with many religions.

See recently published memoirs unfinished, Is already a New York Times bestseller. Dostana The actor came to promote, asked if she had a spiritual foundation, and here’s how it went on in a two minute teaser.

“I think it was. It’s hard not to do that in India. You’re right. I live in Korea with so many religions we have. I grew up in a convent school. I’m Christian. My father sang songs in the mosque and I am I knew Islam. I grew up in a Hindu family and I knew it. Spirituality is a large part of India, so it’s a non-negligible part,” she said.

Then she talked about whether the family actually believed in and believed in higher powers and said that she firmly believed in her father’s teaching, which reassured that all religions eventually pointed to the same God but had different faces. .

But Chopra’s pride in spirituality upset many Muslims around the world, she called her for misinformation and said she knew little about religion.

This is not the first time Chopra has been sung for her ignorance. A young woman from Pakistan ironically called her the UNICEF Ambassador for Peace, as she started war and supported violence.

When tensions rose between Pakistan and India, Chopra supported the war and said,’Jai Hind! #IndianArmedForces. ‘

Instead of adequately answering legitimate questions, she continued to sponsor the woman. “I have a lot of friends from Pakistan and I’m from India, and the war isn’t really what I like, but I’m sorry if it hurts the feelings of those who loved and loved me because I’m so patriotic.” Then she asked “if the discharge was done”. .

Chopra’s interview will premiere on March 20 as part of Oprah’s new series. Super Soul.