My family and I were attacked by armed men who threatened to kill us in Lahore: Meera

Actress Mira is under death threats from geeks who threaten to attack her home in Lahore and take over her family estate.

In a video circulated online Baaji The star complained about the guys who came into her house and threatened her family.

“We want to keep Pakistan clean. There are places like the US and Dubai. Where does this happen?” She asked with tears in the video. “In the middle of the day, brazenly armed gunmen and thugs came into our house, and they beat up our brothers and our mothers. Where does this happen?”

She swore that she and her family would hang her if anyone could prove she had forged property documents. “These are lies, deception and fraud.[ulent] People,” she said.

in conversation image, Meera revealed that these guys want to take over the family estate, especially in Lahore’s DHA 8 phase.

“They bullied my mother and threatened me as soon as I got to the estate and said they would shoot me and kill me right away if I went forward,” she added, adding that there were eight others. “It’s not a small thing for people to get into barges like this and pick up weapons and ammunition.”

She said the men were detained by the police, but the culprit was on the run. “He is threatening to kill us. It is very important to catch him,” she pleaded.