Mothers, Hira Mani knows how it feels when their children finally fall asleep.

Lake Merei Pastum Star Hiramani uploaded a lovely Instagram story with her son Mu Jammil asleep. Looking through her hair with her hands, she admitted to what we feel most, although not all mothers with young children can relate to. “The best time is when children sleep quietly.”

This was what my mothers shared. Only later as we grew up came to understand how right they are and how annoying we are.

“Otherwise, they always want something about this friend, something about that friend, and Fortnite,” Mani said.

Fortnite — A word that most mothers around the world hate. It’s all that kids play these days, and this addiction was probably aggravated during the pandemic.

Does your child complain about your brother? Do they never stop fighting? Well, that’s something Mani can also relate to. She said the relationship between her children Muzammil and Ibrahim was very similar to the other siblings.

She said of her son, “other times we are complaining that we are not good parents.”

Well, mothers, you are stuck in the annoyance of your little ones bothering you. We know you love them incredibly, but like the big little humans who cause great confusion when awake, it’s sometimes best to take pleasure in the moment they sleep.