Mood Lighting // Hudson Valley Lighting

It was my dream to have a chandelier in my NYC loft. I used to walk the streets at night in Brooklyn Heights, gazing at the twinkling lights from the chandeliers of beautiful townhomes. And now if someone walks up to me and looks up at my window, maybe I’ll be inspired. forever. elegant. Everything I love about home decor. I am very happy to be a partner.

Hudson Valley Lighting Here are a few key elements that have really changed my space. This is the definition of mood lighting. meet Tulip gold leaf chandelier. It’s a very different twist on chandeliers because the crystals face upwards rather than hanging. It was the uniqueness and complexity that drew me in. Besides, tulips remind me of spring and wake me up again. This is a piece I will cherish forever and take to my next home!

Hudson Valley Illuminated Tulip Gold Leaf chandelier, Hurley floor lampand Locust Grove turquoise lamp

That much Hurley floor lamp Simple and chic. I really like the clean white shades and the luxurious base. My living room is already much brighter.

I have a matching set in my bedroom. Locust Grove Turquoise Lamp! In my bedroom I like a bit of color and this was the perfect addition. It has a modern yet playful feel.

So, how are you creating the atmosphere in your home space?

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