Molly-Mae Hague buys a house with Tommy Fury and’feels bad’

Molly-Mae Hague of Love Island talked about buying a house with her boyfriend Tommy Fury, telling her 5.2 million followers that she had withdrawn after making a recent offer.

The loving couple has been dating since 2019 after meeting at Love Island Villas and now lives in the stylish Manchester Pads.

However, the two are now on lease and have expressed their desire to move to a place they own, and 21-year-old Molly admitted that he almost signed the dotted line.

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague talked about buying a house with her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

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Molly added that the direction has changed since then and has withdrawn from the offer after months and months of searching.

Stunning blonde opened up her decision on candid Instagram Q&A with fans.

She laughed, “I got the furthest place last week and we actually made an offer to the house, but Tommy hates me so much,” she said with a laugh.

The star admitted that he made an offer to the house, but withdrew

Molly said she couldn’t imagine a couple living at home.

Molly added: “After submitting the proposal, I went back to see the house and I thought,’It’s not good.’ I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

“We walked past the house and got out of the car and looked through the window. I got this realization because we were all excited about it. In this house. You don’t see us in the kitchen where we cook dinner. I don’t feel good. “

Molly said he and Tommy had withdrawn the offer because they couldn’t see them living in their new residence.

Molly-Mae Hague witnessed promoting Pretty Little Thing on Instagram.
The 21-year-old said they are now back on the planning board.

She added: “So we’re back to the origin, so that’s where we are.

“I’m a tricky one of the two of us and I’m going to be picky because I think I should be picky in this situation.

“I think buying a house is a big deal. We’re back on the plan.”

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague sparked engagement rumors on Instagram.
A sweet pair met on the popular ITV show Love Island

Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

Molly’s admission came after she admitted she didn’t like her old apartment, and when she moved, she “feeled like a new person.”

The former Love Island star confessed that he hated that his old apartment in Manchester was “cold and unattractive.”

Posting a throwback snap of time spent with 21-year-old Tommy on her 2020 birthday, the star opened up about how the venue had negatively affected her.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are thinking about the future.
The former Love Island star has confessed that he hates old apartments in Manchester.

The photo shows 21-year-old Molly-Mae wearing a white hooded sweatshirt as she jumps on her bo in black shorts and a jogging bottom with a pair of slippers.

At the time she was “tommytbtfury 21st blockade birthday [laughing emoji] pleasure! ” [sic]

Looking back at the time, Molly May explained that it made wonderful memories that would last forever, but it was not the best place to live.

“Just seen [eyes emoji] It’s cute, but it made me remember how much I hated our old apartment… “She wrote” “The coldest and unattractive space”.