Missing actress Lisa Baines dies after 10 days of hit and run

Sarah girl Actress Lisa Baines died 10 days after being injured by a hit and run driver in New York, police said.

Baines, 65, who was hit by a scooter or motorcycle while crossing the street on June 4, died at the Sinai Mountain Morningside Hospital on Monday, a police spokesperson said. The driver did not stop, police said.

Banes has appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including: Sarah girl year 2014 cocktail In 1988 with Tom Cruise. on TV she Nashville, secretary of the minister, sex master and NCIS.

She has performed regularly on stage, including appearing on Broadway in a Neil Simon play. rumor 1988 musical upper class society 1998 and in the Noel Coward play present laugh In 2010.

Her manager, David Williams, said Baines was hit while crossing Amsterdam Avenue while visiting her alma mater, the Juilliard School.

Baines lived in Los Angeles and married Kathryn Kranhold, a contributor to the Center for Public Integrity.

Friends and colleagues mourned Baines on Twitter on Tuesday.

Singer Jill Sobule tweeted. “Lisa Banes was grand, cheerful and big hearted. You always helped me, even in difficult times. She was loved by many.”

Actor Seth McFarlane said he was deeply saddened by the death of Banes, who he worked with on his TV series. Orville.

McFarlane tweeted, “Her stage presence, magnetic strength, skill and talent were only matched by her unwavering kindness and compassion towards all of us.”

The police did not arrest him.