Millie Mackintosh secretly fought Covid-19 and was’baffled’ for fear of being hospitalized.

Millie Mackintosh said he felt “disturbed” after secretly fighting the coronavirus.

The 31-year-old, who recently showed off her amazing baby body posing in black lingerie, shared a photo of herself on her Instagram feed in a fur jacket with a leopard print mask. Her experience.

In the caption, she told 1.4 million followers, she and her husband, Hugo Taylor, 34, said: “I got Covid a few months ago. I caught a cold and developed the flu. After losing my sense of smell, Hugo and I both tested positive.” [sic]

The former maid-in-Chelsea star talked about how self-conscious she was about being infected with a deadly bug because she had a “stigma” around her before admitting it had an impact on her mental health.

Millie Mackintosh revealed that she secretly fought Covid-19.
Millie Mackintosh secretly fought Covid-19.

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“I was upset with myself and I was embarrassed to be infected with the virus. It’s stupid considering how contagious the virus is, but there are stigma and guilt that aren’t mentioned much about this disease.”

“I missed not being able to walk in isolation at home, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I would have lied to telling me that the experience didn’t affect my mental health.”

Millie, who recently suffered from baby blues after meeting her daughter Siena, explained that she was so terrible that she was afraid that she would have to be hospitalized.

Made In Chelsea star "embarrassed" after contract "stigma"
Made In Chelsea’s star said he was “embarrassed” after signing because he had “stigma”.

She went on to say: “When I started having a fever, I coughed and shortened my breath, so I was worried that I would be hospitalized.

“I wanted to be in good shape and healthy to be able to take proper care of Siena! (Fortunately she had a cold as a symptom and Hugo wasn’t too bad and did a great job at dad care) [sic]

“I feel much better after a few days, but it took 2-3 weeks for my energy to return to normal and my sense of smell has not yet recovered.”

Millie and Hugo fell in love with the little girl.
Millie said her husband Hugo feels good enough to take care of her daughter Sienna.

Shein / Instagram / Millie Mackintosh

The reality star continued, “I realized how happy it was to smell coffee in the morning and cook in the evening, and I took it for granted before. Has anyone else experienced this? I hope to be back soon.

“I haven’t been bad with our experience with Covid and I want to urge people to follow the instructions. Our bodies are not immune to this virus.”

The star begged fans to adhere to the government guidelines, adding: “Stay at home, stay safe, watch out for each other, and make sure the end is in your eyes! #stayhomesavelives #protectthenhs” followed by a rainbow emoji.

The reality star said she might need to retrain to smell.
The reality star said she might need to retrain to smell.

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Millie later thanked her followers for her support through an Instagram story. “Hello, I wanted to say a big thank you for all the great messages and comments after posting a post about the Covid experience this morning. I’m less lonely feeling that way while having it.

“Obviously it affects the mental health of a lot of people and I think it’s something we all have to talk about. And it seems to be very interesting about the sense of smell and it affects a lot of people. I’m going to do a lot of research on it.

“Obviously, a lot of people are telling me I need to retrain so I can smell it again. That’s crazy. I really miss the smell of that nice baby. But I can’t smell her dirty diapers, so I guess it’s a silver lining.”