Mick Norcross’s TOWIE co-stars provided counseling as the cast’s fear of mental health grew.

The devastated TOWIE stars were offered bereavement counseling to help them cope with Mick Norcross’s heartbreaking death.

Popular Mick, who ran the Essex nightclub Sugar Hut, was found dead at his home on Thursday.

The actor rushed to social media to pay tribute to Kirk’s 57-year-old father, 57.

Neighbors said that he was’happy’ before he died.

But Sergeant Telly is concerned about the impact the news could have on stars past and present and has called all of them to provide the best possible support.

57-year-old Mick was found dead last week at his Essex home.

Welfare checks take place after a series of issues related to other popular ITV shows.

In February, former Love Island host Caroline Flack committed suicide for months after former contestant Mike Thalassitis.

The body of Steve Dimond, 63, was found after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show in May 2019.

Then the show decided not to return to our screen.

Caroline Flack lived her own life in 2019-the boss quickly confirmed with TOWIE stars.

Sources told The Mirror that the boss is on the lookout and is already in contact.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, bereavement counseling is being conducted while focusing on the mental health of the actors.

Source: “Mick’s death came as a shock to everyone, and Lime Pictures, which makes TOWIE, summoned all the cast members of the past and present to say that there are multiple psychologists.

Amy Childs spoke to the creators days after Mick died.

“They don’t want anyone to feel lonely.”

Amy Childs, who starred with her tragic dad at the beginning of the show, said, “I got calls and messages on Friday to make sure we all coped well.”

Police confirmed that Mick was found dead after sending her last tweet on Thursday. “Remember that you did your best at the end. That’s enough.”

Many cast members rushed to social media to pay tribute.

Sun Online also reports that the team is on hold whenever it is needed.

One source said, “Mick was very popular with everyone on the set, not only in front of the camera, but also with the staff working behind the scenes.”

“In no time, Lime Pictures reminds everyone that we currently have a counseling team that can offer free bereavement counseling. This is what they always do great.”